The hum of the jet engines have long dimmed in my ears, their noise becoming a near constant on this long flight the many before it and the doubtless many that will come after it. I am on my way home this time, which feels strange still, being as for the past six years westward facing airplanes always took me away from my family, away from the home I love so dearly. Now, in this new life, this new reality of ours where we live in America and my work is both in America and Ethiopia, I and Jessie find ourselves often on different continents for days at a time. We are learning to cope, learning to spend hours on the phone catching up at night/morning whichever our respective time zones allow for, and I am finding that it is fun, fun to listen to the nuances in Jessie’s voice as she explains the day she had, fun to hear her explain how the kids came home from summer camp today exhausted, and how she is adjusting to life in Austin Texas. For all the coping we are learning, I am happy to be heading this way on this plane right now, I can’t wait to see my lovely wife. This time I will be home for a long stretch and I am looking forward to that very much.

If nothing more than a means for getting my mind off of the fact that I just spent a week away from Jessie I will do my best to forget about the guy sitting next to me who I am pretty sure is reading every word I type here on my computer, and focus on telling you about Bring Love In and all that is happening that I got to go visit in Ethiopia this week.

Hang on, first I am going to try something to see if this guy really is reading over my shoulder..


Nope, nothing. Apparently he just has a lazy eye or something and it only looks like he is staring at my laptop.

Anyway, back to it here, where was I. Oh yes, I wanted to talk about Bring Love In.

It was so absolutely strange to go back to Ethiopia after six years living there. I can’t even find words for the strange emotions I felt driving around those familiar streets, knowing all of the little tricks, being able to speak Amharic (kind of) and yet knowing that in a few days I will be getting back on a plane and heading to our life that we have barely begun to setup in America. So weird.

Anyhow, I am sure eventually it will become more normal, but for now it is just a hurricane of emotions that don’t have labels or neat little boxes that I can put them in. One day.

The great news is that Bring Love In is doing great! It is so wonderfully awesome to drop in and see things running so well. Upstairs in the classroom life is bustling out of the seams with Abiy teaching algebra to several of the kids who are having trouble with some of the concepts in school Can you blame them? I don’t think I every really understood algebra), downstairs the social workers, psychologists and all the staff run too and fro keeping things operating. The Bring Love In center is really a hub, a place where all nine of the families come together and get the support that they need to make it in this incredibly complicated transition to normal family life that these 57 kids are still going through. But man, let me tell you, it is just awesome for me to come back, after being away for almost two months and to see that everything is not only on track but thriving and growing in ways we could not have imagined.

God is truly good, and I have to say that the most important and key blessing that he has brought to this ministry is not the finances or the plan, but it is the incredible staff who give selflessly to these kids every single day.

Your support, your commitment to this ministry, its doing amazing things on the ground, and through the hands of the staff there who are tirelessly giving of their lives God has been able to move.

Its pretty neat. I feel like I am gushing a little, but really if you were there with me you would be right here with me going on and on in this little stage here about how you had just seen a real life example of God’s blessing pouring all over the place.

Thank you for what you do, thank you for sticking with us and making Bring Love In a real thing. Its pretty rad.