I am going to admit something that I don’t think I have ever said to anybody.  And I don’t mean that in the ‘come read my fantastic blog about my secrets which are really just enticing things to get more eyeballs’ sort of way, I meant that in the ‘I have been scared to admit this to myself for way too long’ kind of way.


I am not a naturally giving person.


There I said it.


What I mean is that I don’t have a massive altruistic streak in me that wakes me up at the crack of dawn so that I can go out and spend my day finding needy people who I can help.  I am just not wired that way. I have met many of that kind of people before, and admire them.   Me, I have to work every day to fight this big huge giant inside my who wants to do everything for me.


I call him my Selfish Giant, he is large, and hairy, and growls a lot.


Why then did our family set out to partner with all these people in Ethiopia to reimagine orphan care?


It’s funny, I almost wrote the line that I usually use when people ask.  “Because we saw a need and felt called to make a difference” yada yada yada…. You have my permission to punch me in the arm, like one of those hard punches with your knuckle out that makes a big bump, if you ever hear me give you that crap.


Yeah there is some truth to that, but the reality, the deep dark insides of my soul, those parts hold all sorts of insecurities, and then there is the family history, the deep darkness there that holds all sorts of other explanations for why someone would go out and spend a whole lot of their life building something that will help others, with little recourse for ones self.


Yeah, I said it, all of those things.  The darkness is there, the insecurity is there, the hurts and pains are there, and out of those messy things God has born inside of both Jessie and I this fiery passion for helping orphans.


Yet there is the Selfish Giant, he is always there, growling, smelling the place up, and so what ensues is this battle, this push and pull between wanting to do something good, and wanting to do lots of things to make our own lives more comfortable and easier.


Anyone out there feeling me on this?


Ok, so I have been wrestling with this, struggling to come up with a clear reason for why we help, trying to get beneath the surface of the answer that I always give about the world being broken and out wanting to fix it.  (Go ahead and punch me, I have it coming)  and I realized that what we needed was a statement of purpose for our family, and for Bring Love In, a simple sentence that says why.


I think I found it.


Because we believe that there is hope in every future.


Hear that.


Hope in every future. 


If you looked at our lives 15 years ago, the messes that we had ourselves in, and the frustrating cycles we had to break out of, you would have had to believe in something much more powerful than yourself to see hope in our futures.   And so from someone who has been given hope, from someone who believes in hope, we are here to give hope wherever we can.


It’s not always easy, and the Selfish Giant is always going to be there grumbling and stinking each and every morning, but I would argue one powerful statement has the power to help you shake off that giant and that is this;


Unless you are willing to believe in and give hope for another’s future, it is unlikely that there is much hope in your own.


That is why we do all this.   That is why we give time in the middle of a busy life.  That is why we grabbed onto these 57 kids, gave them mothers and homes and looked each of them in the eye and said “We don’t know how, and we are not even sure if we have the power to promise this, but we are here doing it anyway.  We promise that we believe in you, and that we will find the money, and the time and the resources that it takes to raise you into the amazing person that you are supposed to be”


We believe there is hope in every future.


Are you with us?