For the past few days we have been out of town with our good friends Jerry and Christy.  I am sure you have heard me mention them on here before, they are the family that I am positive God sent into our lives because He knew that we would crack up without. Because as far as friends go, you would be hard pressed to find any of better quality than these folks.

Anyhow, for one night we grabbed these incredible God sent friends of ours and stole away from the busyness (and smog) of life here in Addis Ababa and headed North to a little town on the edge of a cliff.  It was becoming clear that we all needed to get out of town and breathe some fresh air when we started coughing up blackness… So we booked a little hotel that sits right on top of the ridge and overlooks this incredible breathtaking canyon, and we just soaked in the countryside.

So here we are, at this wonderful place.  All eight of our combined families kids are completely immersed in this several months long game that they made up that has something to do with fake currency and little stores and rocks and flowers, and while they are playing to their hearts content we are sitting on the little porch outside the room looking out over the canyon…   And in that moment, with my wife the girl that I am completely in love with, beside me, both of us completely peaceful for the first time in months and it is like I can almost feel God reaching down and touching my soul, showing me that it is going to be okay, that He is still in charge.  Yeah the project license is not done yet, and yeah we might be scrambling on nearly every front to understand this culture, learn this language, figure out how to do this despite the fact that we are totally and completely ill-qualified…  But He is still here, he is still the one who is calling the shots, and His timing is perfect.

I know, I should know about this peace of His all the time, I should be able to live in it even in those moments in the middle of the storms, even when things are taking longer than I want them to. But I don’t.

But even if I don’t, He still does.

Part of me wants to scream and yell and find something to throw at some wall somewhere. Part of me hates waiting more than anything else.

But then there is this other part, this part that for some reason I need to be sitting on the side of a beautiful mountain to feel, that part knows that He is still here and is beyond thankful for who He is. Understands that all of the craziness and uncertainty that comes in this life is not Him.

He is peace.

He is love. 

Today I am thankful that we were able to get away, thankful for the renewed sense of strength that I have.   I am thankful for His timing, even though it is not my own.