How are things?   Are you well?

I know you will not be writing me back or anything, but the point here is that we honestly like you, and are interested in what is happening in your life as well.   (But if you want to write something the comments are an excellent place for that, I know you are kind of a quiet crowd… Just know, it’s ok to talk if you have something to say.)

We live here in Ethiopia, and we try our best to keep the blog here updated with the daily happenings as we do our best to create new families from widows and orphans here in this place, but we would be remiss if we left it at that and did not tell you that we love you and are excited that you are here with us, your story is just as important.

Over the past 9 months since Bring Love In officially launched we have been overwhelmed with the love and support we have gotten from all of you who come here and read, participate and donate to get these families started. We honestly wish we could know more about each of you, like maybe we could get the thousands of us who have helped get Bring Love In started together into a room and share a little about each other.  That would be so fun wouldn’t it?

Honestly, we never thought this, any of this would be possible so quickly-so smoothly. Yeah there have been some bumps in the road, we still when you step back and look at the big picture… Things are good, and God is moving and we are glad to be here with you.

We love you, and today this little note is just to say thank you. We like you, and when we look forward down this road ahead we are glad that we are not alone.

This past week we finished the bulk of the work on the Intake Center setup and on Monday we are going to focus on moving into the first two Forever Family Homes. We need to order mattresses, beds, appliances and all that fun stuff that it takes to turn a house into a home. We hope to get it done quickly, but in reality its likely going to be about a week before both homes are done and ready for the final inspection.

Because you know that inspection is a big deal!?!  We have been working towards this event for quite sometime now, and we could not be more happy that the day is drawing near.  As soon as the homes are ready we call for the government officials from several offices and they come to meet our staff and look at the homes, and either give us the green light or let us know if we need to change anything.  (We are praying for the former)

We will be sure to keep you posted. In the mean time please pray with us that the home setup goes smoothly and that the training that Beletu and the other new house mothers are getting will go well.

And, thank you again!  Really, thank you for everything!

Oh yeah, one last thing.  I mentioned a few days ago about the shelves that we need for the donation storage room.  Some incredible people stepped up and donated $600 towards those shelves. (Thank you!)  I took the money out of the account and went and paid the owner of the workshop, he was able to purchase all of the supplies and is working on building our shelving.  We only have to pay another $430 and we get to pick them up!   (I promise to post pictures of the crazy-big shelves once they are installed, they are going to be floor to ceiling in the entire room!)



(No hard feelings about the quietness that seems to have settled in the comments here, we are not all that chatty on blogs either)