Well, I kind of got cold feet because it is hard to follow up a welcome like the one my husband wrote. It is a lot of pressure but I do want to be a part of this so I am going to just jump in feet first.

Since we have been on this road trip I have had a couple of people ask me to write down somewhere the blogs that I like to read so I thought I would start with sharing that.


This is one that I have read for a very long time. I had the honor of meeting her during this trip and it felt like meeting a celebrity because I have been reading her writings for so long. She is an adoptive mom and a mom to many. She is an author and her books are great. She has tips of homeschooling, raising a large family, gardening, cooking, and just fun things to read about.


This wonderful person is a real life friend of mine. I love her dearly. Although we live in different countries and never see each other, we are still special friends. If you want beauty in your life, read her blog, look at her pictures, and read her words. She also wrote a wonderful book that you should buy and read. You will not be sorry. This is one of those blogs that I get so excited about when I see there is a new post up.


If you are feeling the need to be inspired or want a great recipe of just to look at beautiful photos, this is the place to go. I have read her books and loved them. I have gotten many great ideas from her and have always enjoyed reading what she has to say.


This is a new blog to me. I have found many good recipes here. She has a day that she posts links and I love that. She makes me want to wear black and drink my drinks out of mason jars. Again beautiful pictures and good food. I see a trend happening here.


This one is a friend of a friend but I feel like she is my friend. She is another homeschooling mom but she is so much more. She helps take care of kids at an orphanage and does all the boring stuff like book keeping and fund raising. She has great ideas on parenting and being a friend and woman and wife. She is inspiring.


This one is just plain fun. She has the best recipes but the way she writes makes me literally laugh out loud sometimes. She has fashion ideas and a way about her that makes you want to be her friend. She also has a podcast that I love and look forward to the times when I get to listen to her. It is like a little treat for me.

Well, I hope that is fun for you guys and that it gives you a little look into my life. You can see what I like, which from the looks of this list is food. I like to look at pretty things, I like to eat good food, and I like to be inspired to be a better friend, wife, and mother.