The call just came in! The first child to be welcomed into one of our forever families has been placed into our care.  This is incredible news, in so many ways, not the least of which is that this means we are now completely through the processing side of things, and are officially registered as a drop-off for local police departments all over the city here.  We don’t have a minute to celebrate though…

Setota who is one year old and was abandoned at a local hospital. She is severely malnourished and we need to go quickly to help work through the problems that she is having.  I am leaving in just a minute but wanted to write and let you know what is happening.

Thank you so much to those of you who are fasting with us today, we are still praying that the other children who are in the process of being moved into our care from the government orphanage are given to us soon.  Please add Setota to the list of things you are praying for today.

God is good!

UPDATE:   We got another call this afternoon!  A 15 day old baby boy is coming into our care as well. We were supposed to get him today, but his paperwork was missing one stamp, so we will be getting him tomorrow.