Hey all,   I hope you are well.   We’ve been busy around here, our kids are now in school which is a big change from the homeschooling life we had for so long in Ethiopia, but its good.   Thankful for all that our kids to be involved in.


Anyhow, I am actually writing not about our family this time but about our extended family over in Ethiopia, the one made up of widows and former orphans who we all love so dearly.    They are in need of some serious supply refill in the storehouse.   With 57 kids burning through clothes you would be amazed at how fast everything goes.   We want to ask if you would consider helping us by putting together a package of new or slightly used clothes (no use in hauling old clothes over to Africa since they won’t last long enough to justify the cost of bringing them over), and send it to Nick this week or next so that he can bring it with on his trip on the 18th when he heads over to do all of our sponsorship updates.

Anyone ready to help with some d0nation collections?!    We really need you!


If you want to put together a package here are the items we need most.


1. Underwear   Ages 7-17

2. Tooth paste

3.  Socks

4.  Flip Flops

5. Clothes of all kinds for ages 7-17

6.  Shoes.   Tough, long lasting shoes for ages 7-17 boys and girls.

Please try to your package delivered to nick before the 16th so that he has time to pack it all up before the trip.   Send packages to


Bring Love In 

100 W Puritan Ave
Muscle Shoals AL 35661
United States



Thanks so much!