One of our favorite things about what we do in Ethiopia is matching up widows and orphans.  Its wonderful to think of the lives that they both escaped, and the beautiful future they now have together.  Its just good all around for everyone.

The thing though is that these homes would not be possible without you and your commitment to help them with their expenses.

We want to explain a bit about what that looks like, and how you can help us build forever families.

Over the years Jessie and I have had lots of experience with sponsorship programs and to be honest at times frustrated with the way it works.  With the homes at Bring Love In we wanted to do something different, something that will endure, and at the same time create less administrative load on the Ethiopian side so we can all focus on the real work of caring for kids.

The solution we came up with?  Forever Family Sponsorships!

Its really simple.  25 people giving $25 a month is all it takes to fully support a new forever family.  You will be a part of providing for a whole family, not just one child.

That covers everything, education, food, housing, mothers salaries, medical, everything!

In the coming months we will be opening several new homes for new forever families, first though we have a bit more work on training house mothers and getting the last details in order.

In the mean time….

We are looking for people to sign up to help get houses started.

Before the kids come your $25 Forever Family Sponsorship will go towards getting the house ready, buying furniture, kitchen appliances and painting the walls.

We really want to make each house into a home so that when the time comes the mothers can welcome the children in and focus on the just the kids nothing else.

Today we have 2 homes fully sponsored, and we have another 5 out of 25 people signed up for the third.  Will you help us to open this third home?

Your $25 a month will go a long way!


Click here and sign up to sponsor a new forever family in Ethiopia