Wow! We have been blown away by the incredible response to the post yesterday about Embracing Hope Ethiopia and the mothers who need sponsors. I can’t say enough about this wonderful program and the real lasting impact they are having on the lives of the mothers who are being helped. Truly this is a desperate need that we are gathering around to support. Thank you!

I wanted to do another post here to update on the progress, but also I wanted to share an incredible video here about the Shannon family and the work that they are doing. As you watch this please consider helping to sponsor one of the mothers who are in this program waiting for our help.

We started out with 30 mamas who are in need of sponsors, and in the first day 5 of them have been fully taken care of, we are just getting started! After you watch this video please share this around to everyone you know, many people have never heard of Embracing Hope, and don’t know how simple it is to keep a mother and her children together. Our support is all they need! The total cost to support one family completely (day care and everything) is $128 per month and they break that down into four $34 per month sponsorship slots.

Click here to go to the Embracing Hope site where you can sign up to sponsor one of the mamas.