To the best mother there ever was.  We love you Jessie and we are so thankful for your kindness and super mom skills.  We hope you have a great day today!

From Nickoli, Luella, Ruth, Everly and Levi

Also, will you consider giving a mothers day gift to a mother in need today?  There are 30 mothers who are dangerously close to having to give up their children because they simply do not have enough money to take care of them.  Will you consider helping one of the women in Jerry and Christy’s Embracing Hope Ethiopia project?  For only $34 a month you can help give one of these mothers a chance at a future together with their children.

I am going to make it super easy for you, click here to see the list of mothers and children in need. Then you can click through and fill out the form letting them know who you want to sponsor this mothers day.   And, post all about it!  Lets make this mothers day the day when we all picked a mother to bless!