You might already know this, but it was a surprise to me.  Holidays all around the world are not necessarily on the same calendar, for that matter many countries are not on the same calendar or clock as America’s either, as I sit here and write this in Ethiopia it is the year 2005, and although I am about to have lunch, my clock says 6.

Anyhow, I bother telling you this because we want to ask if you would be able to help us out with an Easter party that our families want to have, and I thought it would be pretty weird if I asked for help with Easter Sunday when you celebrated Easter several weeks ago.

Easter is the biggest holiday in Ethiopia, one that a family here would spend months saving and planning for, one where a family comes together and celebrates the resurrection of Christ in a big way.  Last week in our staff meeting we asked if our mothers would want to celebrate Easter this year, and the answer was a resounding yes.  They want to have parties in their homes, and take this chance to help explain to the kids what Christ did when he died on that cross for us.

We want to ask if you might help give a little today to help these families have a special time together this Easter.

Click here to make a donation to help with the purchase of some sheep and other special foods that the moms want to buy for their Easter Feasts. We figure we would like to spend around $80 per family, and we have seven families in all.


Thank you!