Right now we are still in the process of working through how exactly God might have thought it was a good idea to add this little detour into our plans right now..

But in the mean time, while get on our knees and ask God for help, we are doing our best to make the best of things.

Let me explain.

For the past three months Jessie has been struggling with a sinus infection, at first it seemed normal, similar to minor infections of this type that she has had before, but then, after the Cipro, and several other antibiotics (that I cannot possibly even guess how to spell) were taken and failed, we started wondering if perhaps something more complicated might be going on.

Thanks to some wonderful new friends who are a whole lot smarter than me when it comes to medical advice (perhaps it is Jeremy’s medical degree that gives him all of those smarts…Hmmm) we were able to get some tests done and find out what is really going on.

After one CT Scan and several emails, Facebook messages, Skpye and even old fashioned phone calls across the world with more doctors than I can remember, we now know what the problem is, and oh yes the “solution” as well.

Jessie has a bad case of sinus scar tissue blockage from the infection being around for so long, so bad in fact that the only way to get better…. You guessed it, surgery in America. (They do not even have the equipment here in Ethiopia to handle this kind of surgery) Apparently the risk is that if we leave it alone the infection will creep into the cheek bones and require a major surgery at that point.

This is the part where we said. Oh crap. Oh flipping crap!

You see, we don’t really have the money for this right now, and nor do we want Jessie to be gone just when things are starting to get on a roll here at the project. I mean, really, after so much planning, and praying and putting more of our heart and souls into this than we knew we had… She is going to be gone right as things are just getting exciting?!?

The good news is; at first we were hearing that there was a 3 week recovery time from the surgery, then yesterday we got some clarity and found out that her recovery is only going to be 7-10 days for the procedure that she needs. Whew. (All of the dads of four kids who ever had to consider having their wife gone for 3-4 weeks know what I am talking about here. Right guys?)

Thanking God for the small things here…

Because of all this, in the coming short season, things are going to be a little different than we had planned, but still, we are putting our trust in God and praying that he has a reason for all of this. But most of all, I am just glad that Jessie is going to finally get this figured out. She has been taking an obscene amount of Tylenol every day just to keep the pain away, and I am happy that she will be healed once and for all.

On a side note, if and of you are up for it, we could use some help financially with the medical costs. Our church back in California (the incredibly wonderful people that they are) just sent a message yesterday that they are going to kick in and cover the cost of the flight and travel while Jessie is away, and then a wonderful ENT doctor in Texas who we are just now getting to know has offered to perform the surgery for Jessie at no cost for his services. We still however need to pay for the surgery room and other medical expenses for the procedure. Right now we are a few thousand dollars short on that one.

I know that God will provide, He always does!

I do have quite a bit of news for you all on so many other fronts as well, but that is going to have to wait for another day.

In short though; the project is going great, we are working on training staff, and preparing to take in children into their new families. Also we are working out some ways that we can help the ten young men from the street that I mentioned a few days ago. I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me messages and shared your heart for these young men. I promise that I will write every one of you back soon, good things are happening, and I cannot wait to see it all come together.

The truth is I have been terrible at getting on top of things while we figured out what to do with the medical issue going on right now. I am sorry if you wrote me and I have not replied. I will write back soon!

Ok, thats all I have for now. Thanks so much for everything!

You are all the best. Truly.