I am so giddy excited to be able to write this post today, its crazy.  Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that makes life really fun.

Today we met with the team of Bring Love In staff on the ground and asked everyone how they felt about the future, we talked through the work load, organization structure, and all the good that we are seeing happen in the lives of those who we are serving here.  Overwhelmingly the response from everyone was the same, things are good.

That is what I like to hear.  Things are good.

Well then… What is next?

Without a moments hesitation all of them answered, “Lets grow our Keep One Home Sponsorships”

“Are you sure?”  I asked, wanting to give them a chance to breathe with all the growth that has happened in the last two years.

“Yes, lets get started  today” Each of them replied with determination.

And so, today I get the distinct honor of announcing to you that we have submitted our proposal to the government to not double, but triple the size of our Keep One Home Sponsorship program!  (Named for the goal of keeping children home with their biological families by providing for the poorest of the poor who would otherwise likely end up giving their children to an orphanage, or up for adoption because they cannot afford to care for them)

Like I said, this is the kind of thing that really gets me excited!

In the past 14 months since we started sponsoring 50 families in our community we have seen an incredible transformation in their lives, families who were once eating only one meal a day are now able to afford three, families who were moving from house to house and sleeping underneath makeshift roofs made of tarps are now renting small homes for their families, and today we start the journey to add another 100 families to the list!

Woo hooo!

Pretty exciting stuff!

The process (like most things over here in Africa) will take some time, but we have directed our staff here to devote the energy needed to make this happen as quickly as possible, so that we can get these families sponsored before the end of the year.

Now, here is where you come in.  Each of these sponsorships costs $39 per month, enough to help these families get ahead, but not so much that they are unmotivated to go out and get a job to support their family.   Enough to make a difference.  We are going to need to find 100 new sponsors, people who will step up and be the catalyst in these people’s lives.

Each of the families who we are accepting in our project qualifies as below poverty income levels, meaning that they live on less than $24 per month, per household.  Imagine trying to clothe, feed, educate, and house your family for that much.. Its not possible in any country, let alone one like Ethiopia where food prices are spiking each month, and housing is becoming harder and harder to find.

Are you with us?   In a few short months we will be opening up our sponsorship program, and asking you to make this leap, and help a family in need.

This is the part where the excitement of helping these families hits the pavement, where my faith is tested every time.  100 new sponsors is not small by any measurement, but this is what we feel God is pushing us towards, and so we are breathing deep, and stepping out in faith here.

Stay tuned!