First of all, before I share the great news about our first house. I need to give you an update on Mulu who I spoke about a few days ago, the mother who finds herself in a terrible situation.

We made the job offer to her, explained in detail what it would mean for her and her two children if she came to work with us as a house mother.   And… She said that she needed to think about it.     Its unclear exactly what else is happening in her world right now, or what all is bound up in the decision, I know its likely much more complicated that it seems. But for now we want to ask that you continue to pray for Mulu and her two kids.  Pray with us that she does not have to move to South Africa and that we are able to make this work out for her.

Also, we had lunch today with the wonderful people from the Ethiopia Smile dental team, they arrived late last night and are getting ready to do some great work with the poor in Ethiopia over the next week.  We are going to be joining with them on a few of their outreach days in town and are excited to spend time with them.  We met them last year when they came to visit us at the Drawn From Water orphanage and had a great time with them all.  You can read more about their journey here on Emily Alexanders Blog. 

Ok, now on to the exciting news that I have been wanting share with you….

We finally have our first Forever Family House here in Ethiopia!  It is a total mess, so I have to warn you before I show you these pictures, its not pretty (yet), and it stinks to high heaven. But, later this week several people from the Ethiopia Smile team are going to come over and help us clean and paint the place.

This is such a blessing! Such a joy to walk within it’s walls and think of the beauty that will emanate from this place.  This tiny house, nondescript, in the middle of a normal Ethiopian neighborhood is ground zero, from this tiny place great things will start.





















How wonderful is this?   Can’t you just see the kids running around, smiles on their faces as they learn to love their new family?   I can hardly wait!