If you have been following along with us for the past few weeks you have likely seen the posts where I mentioned van that we are trying to raise money for, Bring Love In needs a vehicle to transport children in our program and also to keep the houses stocked with food and things they need.

Today I have great news about the van fund drive…

First off I wanted to update you on how much we have raised so far; today I did the math and we have a total of $7,525 towards our goal of $20,000!

But I have other great news as well, something that gets us much closer to our goal.

Yesterday I went out with Yabi and had a look around at the used vans that are available for sale.  What I found was pleasantly surprising, the initial quotes that we were getting that helped us set our fundraising goal are in fact for much nicer vans than we actually need, meaning that we can spend less than we had planned and still get a great vehicle.  Yes it might be 10-12 years old, but these diesel engines in the Toyota vans last forever and we think its much more van for the money.

So….. Drumroll please….   We are resetting our goal of how much we need to raise down to only $15,500!

Meaning, that we are now only $7,975 away!

What do you think?  Will you help us get there today?   Will you give a little today towards the van?

We would be ever so grateful!