Well we made it, me and our youngest two daughters landed in Ethiopia and are starting our three week journey to the place that we used to call home for so many years.   And my goodness is it weird to be back this time.   First though let me tell you why our family is having to be apart for so long like this, forgive me for having to go this far back to get to where we are today, but I just can’t figure out how else to tell you.


If you read No Greater Love you will know the journey of our daughter Everly (Edalawit), and how she was born in the Kara tribe in the south of Ethiopia, and because of a tribal superstition her mother and father were going to have to kill their daughter.  She was rescued by a tribal man who had become our friend, and brought to a rescue center that we were helping to run.  Everly came into our family by way of adoption back in 2010, and since then we have been working on getting her paperwork completed so that she could get her US citizenship.  Fast forward all the way to today, and nearly seven wonderful years with Everly in our family but still an Ethiopian citizen, and we are finally, (I could write that word FINALLY, like 17 times and it would not tell you just how excited we are for this) finally! Going to be done with the process!  We are here a few weeks ahead of time because she needs to complete a medical checkup at the UN office, and then at the end of the month we finally get to go in and get her official immigration visa!  Yay! Yay YAY!   Typed words can’t describe what a wonderful feeling this is for us as a family to get this done!


Ruth, Everly’s 9 year old sister volunteered to come along with so that little Evie would have someone to play with, and that is how the three of us, half of our family ended up half way around the world from my wife and two older kids who I love so much.


That being said, while it is hard to be away from half your family for so long, it is great to get a chance to be here for a longer trip than my normal 5 days and get some time to be with everyone here who are running the different projects that we have going in Ethiopia.  There are so many employees between the beef farm and real estate projects that we started and Bring Love In, lots of people to catch up with and connect with, I always enjoy coming back here to see everyone.  (The businesses are separate and are not affiliated financially with Bring Love In, other than that they help with donations to the ministry,  you can read more about those projects at www.verdantfrontiers.com )


I feel like I am bursting with stories to tell you and feelings that me and the girls are processing being back here, but those are going to have to wait for another blog post.   I am going to spent time with some of our kids at Bring Love In and get to hear the long versions of their stories so that I can tell them to you.   I know bits and pieces already, but it is going to be great to get a chance to sit down with a few of them for a few hours each and get their whole life story for you.    I am pretty excited about that!


Thanks again for everything, all of you are awesome friends from all over the world, and it is incredible to come here and get to catch up with the work that is happening at Bring Love In because of your support.


Levi Benkert