You know those super neat shirts that we sell in our online store?  The ones that are so soft that you never want to take them off once you put one one?  Yeah, those shirts.. Anyhow,  starting today and through this weekend we are holding a great big t-shirt sale!   Every shirt that we sell is 30% off!

All you need to do is head over to the Store and enter promo code “3-day-sale” and everything in your shopping cart will then get a 30% discount!

The cool thing about these shirts is not just that they are so great to wear, but every single penny of profit goes straight to fund the operations of Bring Love In over here in Ethiopia, yep you read that right, not one penny gets spent on anything but helping widows and orphans!  No admin, nothing!

Ok, I am pretty sure that is going to be all of the persuading that you need, next all you need to do is click here, and get your shirt while the discount is on!