Have you ever noticed God calling you to step into something that feels crazy and uncomfortable, and only after you obey and go all in, does He provide the resources to get things done?

O’ man, if there was one area of my faith where I beat my head against the wall the most, it is right there in that sentence.  God says “go”, and then I ask, “How are we going to pay for it”.  Usually at that point things get real quiet, almost as if He is tired of the same old questions from me.

“If I told you to go isn’t it implied that the resources will be there?” He seems to say in His silence.

Today is one of those days, where we say, “Okay God, here we go.  We are obediently jumping in and going after these great big scary dreams to help more people, and praying until our knees hurt that you provide the resources for all this.”

This next year isn’t even here yet but by the direction we have been hearing from God, we can already tell its going to be a heck of a ride.  We are growing our sponsorship program by triple,  launching a christian counseling center for our sponsor families to help them rise out of poverty, increasing the amount of medical resources that we provide, training 30 locals and providing them small business grants to become self sustaining, growing our forever families, and adding more staff to help reach deeper into the lives of our families with the love of God… And that’s just the beginning!

But, one quick look at our bank account and its easy to see, we don’t have the money for all that!

But do you know what?  We serve a great big God, and we would be fools to back down from these dreams that He has sown; plans to make a change in this place where He has placed us, plans to share the gospel to the lost, plans to provide resources and support for the poorest of the poor so that they may rise up and become a generation of people who will speak of the love of God to others. What a shame it would be to see this vision die in our hands just because we were too cowardly to step out in faith!

Looking back on the path this far, some of my biggest regrets come in this area, dreams that God placed inside me that I was too chicken to go after.

No more!  Today we are going to be obedient and heed this call to help those in need, understanding fully that it’s not by our own strength, but rather this is us, choosing to stand on His love, His resources, and His vision.

Who are we to sit here on the ground when He is inviting us to get on and go for a ride?

Today we feel led to come to you with a request.  As Bring Love In embarks on this new leg of the journey here, we see the need for more resources to make this all come together.  To be specific; we need to rent and furnish a new compound for the christian counseling and medical center, and we need more monthly donors for our new staff, school fees, rent, food and general increased costs of running the place. Our budget for next year with all of these added programs and increased basic costs is more than $50,000 than last year, and the current level of giving won’t cover any of that increase.    Starting in less than 30 days the new budget goes into effect, and the funds are not there yet for our first wire transfer.

This is the part where we get to watch God get things done.

Will you consider giving towards Bring Love In?  Helping with either a one time gift or a monthly pledge?  Click here to make a tax deductible donation, and then together lets watch what God does with our gifts.


Thank you!