I could go on and on about how beautiful this is to me, and how it’s impossible for me to see these pictures and not fight back tears, or think about the place where these kids came from only a year ago. Instead I am going to say this one thing, and then let you see for yourself the beauty that God has created here.

God is good.

This first video is of Selam, Sentayhu and Bethuye dancing in the middle of all their friends who are also graduating.  Watch at the end as Selam (in the green dress) comes back to her aunt.  Gosh I could just cry right here!

These next pictures tell the rest of the story of our 44 children who were graduating today. (The 45th child is just turning 3 and has not yet started school, but you can bet she was there at the party cheering her siblings on!)

Now that is what I call a party!