Hi there, I have something a bit different to share with you today. Something we have never done before, but judging by the look of things it seems that the time has come. We have an urgent need for good shoes for the forever families here in Ethiopia. Will you help!


What we need is people who can donate (new or very close to it for durability reasons) shoes for kids ages 5-17.

Then, after we are able to collect all these shoes we need to get them here, and so we are looking for people who are coming to Ethiopia soon that are willing to bring boxes of donations with them as part of their luggage.

Debbie Savik has graciously signed up to be our donation coordinator for this need, if you can either spare space in your bags, or help collect shoes for us please write Debbie and let her know. Her email is Ldsavik@msn.com.

Thank you!