One of the neatest things happening in Ethiopia is how creative everyone here is becoming, we see it all over town, people are starting to design, and dream and all sorts of neat things are coming out of it.  This year we decided that there is just too much goodness happening all around for us to not share it with you, so we went all over town, met with local artisans and got our hands on a whole bunch of neat jewelry items to sell in our store.  We figure hey, while everyone else is going out searching for Christmas gifts, you can stay home and buy one of  a kind, Ethiopian made jewelry, all while supporting Bring Love In and helping orphans in Ethiopia.

Pretty neat right?!  We thought so too.

Today we launched the new items in our store, but like I said, each piece is a one of a kind creation, so you better hurry up while they are here.  We tried to get as many as we could, but supplies are still very limited.


Click here to see the new line of Bring Love In Jewelry. 

And here is a teaser of what you will find.