I am not sure how we forget it every time, but that trip back home from America to Ethiopia hits our family like a train wreck. I am not joking either, we all get grouchy, and can’t sleep, everyone seems to get sick, and for about four days everything no matter how small feels like its going to break us. (I mean really, having an empty fridge should not be cause for crying… but it is)  Then, just like the sun that comes up every day, we start to feel better, and it all gets set right again.

I know, I need to stop complaining, but I just can’t get over how hard first week is and how we seem to completely forget every time how bad transitions actually are on our family.  Someone needs to remind me next time…

Ok, enough of that.  We are back home, thankful to be here in this place where God has called our family, thankful that our kids love it here, and that this feels like home more than any other place on the face of this earth.

This week we are working on getting a big list of administrative things completed, and spending some time getting to know the nine new kids who came to Bring Love In.  We are beyond blessed to come back and see these incredible people who make up this wonderful ministry, the moms who are as happy as ever, the staff who are all giving their hearts to make this all work, and the kids who are doing the hard work of learning how to be in a family, and learning to trust.

Thank you all for your incredible support of this ministry, we are blessed every time we look around us in this place