I am wiped out.

Totally plastered in my chair tired.

This new “actually starting the project” thing is serious business.

I know, you are about to smack me in the head after hearing me whine here on the blog about the waiting, and how I was sooooo sick of it.

Well now you have to hear me moan about my achy bones as I collapse at the end of the day.  Because I am that tired today.

Well here goes.  A little update on things over here.

Today Yabi and I spent hours driving around the city, meeting with folks, talking through the process of taking custody of children from the government orphanage, and doing our best to figure out exactly how much money we are going to spend in the next three years. To the penny.

Simultaneous to all the staff training, and house setting up, and scrambling we will be doing in the coming weeks, we need to finalize our three year budget for the government to approve. Thankfully this is not another step that stands in the way before anything else can happen, (we have had about enough of those already.)  But this is rather a step that can be completed “while” the other parts come together.

Anyhow, we waited, and waited and waited today and finally got our meeting with the specialist who is an expert (literally that is his title) at these sorts of things, and what we found was good news.  The numbers we put together are looking good. They like us! Now he is going to take our budget on to the next office and see if he can collect the necessary signatures to get us out the door and on our way.

Then from there we made our way over to another office and spoke with a woman who is in charge of deciding where the children in the government orphanage will be placed.  She was very excited to hear of our progress and told us that she cannot wait to start placing kids with us.  She said that this kind of project is exactly what the government has been looking for.

Pray that these beds, and desks, and painting projects, and staff hirings all go well.  Because as much as we are eager to start taking in kids, we want to take our time and do this part right.

We need good people, and sturdy beds to put beneath kids that will be raised to be good people who will help lead this country.