A really neat trend that we have started to see more and more is small business owners who are coming along side our ministry to help support financially through partnerships and ingenious concepts to raise both funds and awareness.  We are learning that there is no end to the creativity of people out there who want to do good through the business that they do every day, they are supporting the ministry but also are able to show their customers and clients a little bit about their hearts for the poor in hopes that just like a winter cough, the virus would spread and others would be inspired to do good in their own lives as well.

We wanted to put together a list for you of the amazing businesses and the incredible work that they are doing all over the world to help out with what is happening over here in Ethiopia.

The first is one that is very near and dear to our hearts, it is a company in Bozeman Montana that has set out to design awesome things with the goal that each and every item that they create will generate a little money towards helping widows and orphans in Ethiopia.  Pretty neat huh?  Go check out WO Design and the awesome W|O Bone, it is the first in a line of products that they are releasing.


One amazing business that just keeps on giving and giving is Karen Williamson and her dentistry practice in Rockwall, Texas.   It seems every time we turn around we see another email from Karen saying that her company is able to commit more monthly donations to help sponsor more families!

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The folks over at Crossfit CU in Champaign, Illinois are pretty neat as well, they donate part of every members fee towards helping sponsor families in need.  Right now they are sponsoring 20 families in Ethiopia through Bring Love In with a matching funds program, which means they are actually helping 40 families get sponsored!  How neat is that?!

I asked Sky Sandborn who leads the business to share with you a bit about how it all works at Crossfit CU for them to support so many families, here it what he has to say.

“The mechanics of CrossFit CU’s contribution essentially started back on 1/1/12 with me deciding to contribute $5/mo per client, half going to a local charity and half to a global charity.  Right at that time I saw Bring Love In mentioned on a friend’s Facebook post and the mission and brilliant simplicity of what you’re doing really spoke to me.  I could just imagine God saying “Exactly!!!” when seeing the idea take form in your mind.  I had considered sponsoring children through Compassion International (as a family we already sponsor four girls), but they like to promote a more personal connection between the sponsors and kids, and I didn’t think I could do that as CrossFit CU.  I really felt like our contributions would have the greatest and most immediate impact through the work that BLI set out to do.

After about a year I decided to divert all of the funds from the $5/client to Bring Love In.  Then, later in 2013 Bring Love In announced the Keep One Home program and I again felt prompted to take action.  I contacted Bring Love In with the idea of doing a commitment drive, matching the commitment of other individuals to sponsor up to (20) families, thus taking care of a total of (40) families through the drive.  This remains my commitment to Bring Love In, and I look forward to participating in the exciting developments ahead!”



Next on our list is Parker Clay, a really awesome company with a mission to help create Jobs for women in Ethiopia.  We have partnered with them to create some special items that they sell in their store.




Another incredible person who has been helping for many years is Debbie Savik in Montana, she has a neat Etsy store where she sells jewelry, we have featured her awesome jewelry designs in our store many times.

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Shannon Nicole is another one of our favorites out there, she started this awesome company that creates cosmetics in Austin Texas.   You just gotta check out all of the neat things that she is doing.   We have been blessed to see her business take off quickly and are thankful for all of the finances that her business is generating for Bring Love In!     Go check out her site here.

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Dr Moody Alexander in Arlington Texas has done incredible things for our ministry over the years, he and his wife Emily bring teams of Dentists over to Ethiopia to through a ministry called Ethiopia Smile.

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This page is constantly evolving as we learn more about the various businesses around the world who are stepping up to support Bring Love In.  If your business is a supporter (and we forgot to add you, Oops!) and you would like to see your listing here drop us a line at Levi@bringlove.in and we will add a link here to your website.