Yesterday I sort of went off on a rant here about how things are not always so easy on the mission field…  I know, you are not supposed to share those sort of things, but frankly I don’t care about the “supposed to’s” this blog is and always will be about being real and honest, and if any of you ever though that moving to a foreign land and serving God was a romantic off-in-the-sunset sort of journey, than I am here to burst your bubble.  Yes there are some very rewarding moments but along with it are many moments that are akin to the thorn-in-your side trials and tribulations that Paul talks about so much in his letters.

But, I gotta say today.  Things might get hard at times, but the great big loving God that we serve knows all about it, and I am thankful for his love and timing in helping just when we need it.

Yesterday was one of those days where He blessed us with just what we needed to keep going and refocus our aim on Him.   First off I woke up and just dug deep into his word, I have been studying 1 Peter and the words jumped out at me and touched my heart.   Then we had an incredibly productive day on the project front, meetings went well, progress was made!  After that though we met with a family who is here adopting a child and had a wonderful time getting to know them and hearing their story, but to top it off, when we said goodbye they handed over this great big bag of goodies!  Oreos! Chocolate! All the things that are a way bigger deal to us than you would think.  It was a bag of love! And in God’s perfect timing.

After that we headed over to our friend’s Jerry and Christies place where a friend who is visiting them offered to watch all eight of our combined families’ children and we were able to go spend time talking with them at a nice quiet restaurant.  To top it all off, dinner was paid for by some money that the first family who we met with earlier in the day had given us!

God is so very good, and we are thankful for his kindness and willingness to jump in and show love when we cry out to Him.

Thanks for sticking with us on this journey that is life and the mission to help the orphans of Ethiopia.  Shipwrecks and all, we are happy to be here with you.

We love you!