Ok, so do you remember when a few weeks ago we wrote on here how we were on our knees asking God for a miracle?   A little while later a friend of ours named Brian wrote and reminded us of the story of George Mueller, if you have not heard this story before you really should click the link there and read about why George is one of our heroes.  This guy had faith like you would not believe and he just kept going growing the ministry to help more orphans.   Very inspiring.  Anyhow, so we were reminded again about George Mueller and all of the great things that God did in the course of their providing homes for orphans, and we kind of had this moment where we stopped and just said;

“God, this is your deal here, your ministry, and you already know about the needs that we have to care for these kids”

Then that same day I get this email from a donor who supports the ministry saying “You should call my husband”  So I pick up the phone and call this guy who I have never talked to before, (they asked me not to use their names)  and he picks up on the other end.

“Hello”   He says.

“Hi this is Levi calling from Bring Love In, I saw a message from your wife asking me to call you”    I say, hoping any of this is making sense to him

“Levi!”   He says almost as if he has been waiting by the phone to hear from me.   “I wanted to talk with you to tell you that my wife and I have been praying about the need at Bring Love In, and we decided to reach out to you and tell you that the Lord put on our hearts to say that we have faith that this need will be met”

At this point I kind of stumbled over what to say next.  Honestly I was completely confused.  Did he mean that he was just calling to say that he would have faith with us?  Or….  I could not allow myself to even imagine that he was saying anything bigger here like they were feeling God was calling them to take care of the need.     I finally decided I could not assume anything crazy like that and went with the lesser.

“Thanks”  I said. “We feel the same way, and are in agreement with you that God will provide for the need and that he knows all about these kids and the struggle we are…..”

“No”  He said, stopping me mid sentence.   “God told us that we were supposed to come in and fill the need ourselves!”

This is the point where I almost dropped my phone, did some sort of crazy acrobatics to try and stop it from hitting the floor and then put it back to my ear without being able to form words…  I think I said something like  “ooooho….”

Fastforward 3 weeks and I’ve flown to Ethiopia where this guy and I met, took him around the ministry and introduced him to our families, and came up with a plan for how to get the funds we need.    Ready for this?   I hope so, because we are going to need you to make this happen!

If you recall when we posted about the need we were right at $8,000 a month short on our monthly costs.  Meaning that we had $8000 more going out to care for our families than was coming in to pay for them.   Since then we have seen $1500 in new monthly commitments come in.

*Stop and insert happy dance here!

Now, that leaves us with a gap of $6500.  Right?  (Quick check on my calculator to make sure I got that right… Yep)

The Agape Foundation (that the couple I talked to administers) has offered to make an ongoing matching funds donation of $4000 a month.    (How amazing is that!!!)   On going.  Like forever!

Here is the deal though, in order to access these funds we need to raise $4000 in matching funds so that we trigger these funds coming in.

All the math majors out there have already figured this out, but for the rest of us I will tell you what my calculator is telling me here.   We need to raise $2500 a month in new monthly commitments to go with the $1500 that we have had come in over the last two weeks.

Are you ready for this?!    Lets watch God do something amazing!

I will stop here because I have read all sorts of things about how long blog posts never get read and you need to be short with your words if you want people to read what you write.

Bottom line is this.   God is good, like flipping amazing good, and this is exactly the provision we have been praying for!

We are now praying for $2500 a month in commitments.    The cool thing is every one of these dollars that comes in will be matched by another gift forever, each and every month.  This means all donations, sponsorships, general or otherwise, all of them will be doubled!

Like before we feel this is all in God’s hands, we aren’t going to do some big campaign and try to push this onto people.  These kids are His, and all the money in the world is His,  we are choosing to trust him and see what happens.

Thanks for your prayers.



I will leave you with one picture that I took while at Bring Love In, it is of Setota, the girl who was the very first child to come to Bring Love In, her name means Gift from God.   She has proven to be just that, a gift from God!