UPDATE:  It’s done!  Praise God, through the commitments of 34 different individuals all around the world, the $1250 needed to access the matching funds donation has been filled!   It appears that it is once again time for the happy-dance.  Anyone? 

Something has come up… A situation that is both daunting and inspiring at the same time, scary like many other things that seem to come our way after having taken responsibility for thirty two children living in five new families in Ethiopia, and inspiring because even before we sit down here today to share this with you, God is already moving.

It is one of those things where part of you wants to look down at the puny little need and shrug your shoulders in indifference.

“Nah.. You aren’t big enough to matter”

and then the other part of you feels like you are climbing Half Dome in Yosemite Valley and your rope just slipped from your fingers and twisted and turned it’s way through the air down to the ground below, leaving you clinging to the edge with nothing left to keep you from falling.

I am not sure if you were reading way back then, but a little more than a year ago we wrote about a foundation that had made a commitment to help fund the work that Bring Love In is doing, they were beyond generous and agreed to give a monthly donation of $2500, enough to take care of the salaries of all our administrative staff in Ethiopia.

I know. Amazing right?!

As I am sure you can imagine, the first year of a work like ours is the most crucial and also the hardest to raise funds for. Honestly, I am not sure if we would have made it through to where we are today without the support of the Morrell Family Charities. They were the lifeline that made it all possible. Today however that support is coming to an end, just as they explained to us when they first started giving, they are dependent on income sources that they cannot control, and this year their income as dried up.

I have to admit, after hearing that they were going to be stopping the support, more than a bit of panic set in.

As I have said many times in my writings here, my first reaction to bad news is; “The next mountain is the one that will be too big for God”. I know, there are millions of verses that smack my lack of faith right in the head with truths about His grace, and love, and faithfulness. Yet for me, I struggle with this kind of thing.

Today though, I am really-really thankful to be able to come to you with this challenge. More proof that God is good, and that He will take care of things. These kids are His and he knows their needs.

If you are keeping up with the math on this post so far you will have this $2500 monthly deficit running around in your head. And if your head is anything like mine that number is already knocking over furniture in there, and wrecking havoc.

Here is the deal though… Why I keep talking about how God is already at work in this.

Enter some incredible people who own a business called ESA Solutions, a company that does executive scheduling. (Yes, I too was surprised when I heard that a whole business could be created around such as small niche market) This company has employees all over the country and they handle scheduling for executives and agents who are super busy. Sounds neat huh? They are like the grease that keeps business people on the road, and on-time.

Here is the deal though, not only are these people really great at what they do, but they are going to do something amazing to support Bring Love In, they just created a matching funds program to fill this new gap in our budget. Up to $1250 per month!

By “Matching Funds” they mean this; If you sign up for a monthly donation in the next week, the amount you give will be doubled, every single month that you give!

Does anyone else want to jump up and down and praise God with me right now?!

We have been praying about how best to put this challenge to you, and we felt like we should break this need up into $25 a month chunks. Bite-size pieces of a great big need.

So, for the numbers people in the group… We are looking for 50 people who will give $25 a month, and together we will take care of the $1250 needed to fully access the matching funds gift from ESA Solutions, meaning that the entire $2500 a month need will be met!

What do you think? Can we rally around this need and take care of it?

To be a bit more specific about the needs that we are raising money for today, these funds go to cover the salary expenses for many of our Ethiopian Staff, including Thomas our director, and also our accountant, our project coordinator, our secretary and rent for the office space that they work in. These are the people who are behind the project and make it all come together. The ones who are doing the real heavy-lifting, make sure that the rent is paid on time, and the complicated government paperwork is handled efficiently. I could write a list here a mile long on all that these folks handle, but I doubt you would get half way through it. The point is these are the superstars.

There are three ways you can help.

One. Give! Opportunities like this where your impact can be doubled, not only one time, but on a monthly basis are not easy to come by, and we don’t want to see this pledge go to waste. If you can commit to give $25 a month, we will access that much more of the matching funds.

Click here to give, and be sure to select “General Fund” as your designation so that your giving will be doubled!

I will come back and update on the blog throughout the week that this pledge is open, we are praying that this all comes in soon!

Second. Spread the word! Those “like”, and “share” buttons are actually quite important. More than 70% of the traffic we see each day on this website comes from people who click on a link that someone else shared. And so if we are going to get the word out, and get this need taken care of, we are going to need a whole lot of liking, and sharing going on. We are going to have to go on a major blitz and make sure that everyone we know hears about this challenge today.

Lastly. Pray! Let’s together lift this need up to God, and ask that he comes and moves!

Thank you!