I tried both yesterday and the day before to write this, but the words wouldn’t come. Today I decided I am going to make it happen no matter how hard it is to tell this story.   Thankfully it ends well, despite the struggle to find these words.
Tuesday morning before the sun came up I quietly made my way out of the house to pick up a friend who was arriving at the airport. Everyone was asleep and I didn’t want to wake them. Just three minutes after I left home I came upon a truck that was stopped in the middle of the freeway. Only I didn’t see him, not even a little bit. I later learned that he was stopped to pick up a police man who needed a ride and his lights were not working. I plowed my car into the truck at about 60 miles an hour without hitting my brakes at all. Literally I have no memory of seeing the truck. Only airbags.

I’m still kind of in shock as I write this. There is no logical reason why I should still be alive. The back of the truck came up beside me and made its way through the car and into the empty passenger seat. The roof came down in front of me and then split in two right up above my head. When the smashing and crunching was finally over there was barely a person sized envelope of safety that surrounded my body. I’m telling you this one was a doozie. It’s hard to explain just how bad this really was and how amazing it feels that I was able to open the door and get out of the car and walk. Something smashed into my hand pretty hard, and it hurts something fierce, but other than that and the the shock that seems like it will never wear off, I am fine.

I clearly remember the moment that I realized something very bad had happened, and the second moment when I moved my body and understood that God had done a miracle. I instantly thought about my family and how I wanted so badly to spend the rest of our lives together and at that very moment it all almost ended.

I don’t know why God chose to step in at that moment, or why the 1000 variables that should have been different and cost my my life weren’t different. But I can tell you that every breath is a gift. Every hug, every smile, every sunrise, every plan, every kiss. God did something and my life will never be the same after this. It’s all a gift from Him and I will turn around and give it back. All of it.

A short while after the crash I was able to get my head about me and called Jerry Shannon who drove out to help. I don’t think I have ever in my life felt so happy to see someone, he pulled up and took me to the Korean Hospital where they stitched up my hand.

So very thankful to be alive. Every time I look at a picture of the car I see only a miracle.

Anyhow. I promise to write again soon and to update you on things over here. Everyone at Bring Love In is doing well and we are thankful for all the miracles that God does every day in providing for these kids and their families. God is good! (And, do I ever mean it today!)