Today I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that we are officially re-opening the Forever Family Sponsorship Program! (Insert back flip here) With our first four sponsored homes nearly open, and all of the regulatory and legal work behind us we have been spending time meeting with local officials to speak with them about the levels of need and our ability to meet those needs.

As you can guess…  The need for good Christian based orphan care is enormous in this country, and we want to be ready to rise to the challenge to meet those needs!

But here is the thing, we are going to have to get in high gear when it comes to sponsorships for these new families, because if we are going to have the beds available before these kids start coming in… We will need more sponsors, and fast.

Are you ready to help out?   It is going to take many of us diving in here if we are going to give homes to these children.

If you have not already sponsored a forever family than now is the time, check out the Sponsorship page here and read about how it works, but if you are already supporting a forever family than we need you to help spread the word.

What we have been told is that they are hoping we can have ten homes with 7-8 children each open before the end of the year.   Yeah… I know.  Whoa!

If I sound a bit excited here, that is because I am!  There is much to be happy about when it comes to creating new families from widows and orphans.

Good things are happening and we are more than happy to be able to give others the opportunity to help by giving of their resources to help those in need.  It’s funny, when we first started doing this, the fundraising was the hard part.. I always hesitated before asking people to help with a need, but I have come to realize that it is a blessing to give.  In our lives we are blessed through the giving that we are able to do, and we are learning to love giving that opportunity to others as well!  God is good, and He never fails to honor when we help those in need.

So, do you want to help us and support a new forever family?  Now is the time.


Please help us spread the word today about this important need, share it, tweet it, and help us get this one out there!