Our four kids are all upstairs in their bedroom’s getting what we like to think of as one of the important activities that holds our family together, something we like to call “Room time”. Honestly, I am not sure we could survive this hectic life here without it. And so every day after lunch everyone goes to their rooms where we all get some time alone. Today is Sunday, and we just got back home from an incredible church service where Jerry Shannon spoke on being willing to let God take our lives. I am sitting here trying to digest all that he shared and apply it to my life.

Anyhow, that is all sort of a tangent from the real reason I am writing to you today, but I feel more comfortable writing when I give you a little context first.

So, here I am, in Ethiopia, our family has had an exhausting week filled with the most bizarre sorts of randomness. Things that only a supremely creative God could have orchestrated. I will share more about that in another post. For now I want to tell you about a new program that we are excited to be launching today.

We are calling it “Give Good for Christmas”.

I hope the title has you hooked already!

Are you ready for the details?

What we are doing is this. We are asking for people to give a Christmas gift towards helping Bring Love In with the work of creating families here in Ethiopia, and we will send you a special card that you can give to that person telling them about the work that their gift helped to support. Because honestly who wanted another pen or desk decorator trinket anyway right? This way you can do some real good with your gift, and at the same time spread the word about Bring Love In.

Works out pretty well doesn’t it?

What do you think? Who on your list will you “Give Good for Christmas” to this year?

You can give as many separate gifts as you want, for example a $500 gift could be given in ten different gifts of $50 each.

I know, sounds too easy, right? We hope so!

Our prayer is that we are able to raise a decent amount of money with this program this Christmas, we are still operating on pretty tight budget each month and are looking forward to being able to focus more on the kids and less on how we are going to make ends meet when it comes time to pay the bills.

Click here to make a tax deductible gift this year in honor of a special someone, (and be sure to let us know how many cards you need). We will mail them out to you right away!

UPDATE:  Here is a sample of the cards that we will be sending out, this is the front and back of the card.