Thanks so much for all of the great ideas on our shoe sourcing problem for the kids in our program here in Ethiopia, we received more than 50 messages from people who are willing to help out with stuffing their luggage full of shoes, we are still sorting through all of the messages now, but its looking like we will have no problem getting things over here.  Good stuff for sure!

Now that we feel a bit more comfortable with the being able to get the shoes over here part, we are now turning our direction towards what kind of shoes to buy, and how to pay for them.  Like I said in the message before, we have more than 90 kids in our sponsorship program, and another 45 in the new families that we brought together from widows and orphans here in Ethiopia.  Lots of shoe needs!

What we want to do is ask you for your help today.  Each of these kids needs at least one good pair of tennis shoes, something that is durable enough to wear during P.E. at school, and that can make it through the rough streets of Addis.   As any parent can attest, a good pair of shoes is worth every penny that you pay for them because the cheap ones just seem to fall apart as soon as you put them on.  What we took a look around and we think that we need to spend about $40 for each pair of shoes.

Here is where you come in, will you buy one child a new pair of shoes today?    All you have to do is make a $40 donation, and then we will make sure the money gets to someone who can buy them in America and bring them over here where the kids will use them.

Simple as that!   So far we have seen a few donations come in to cover the first 5 pairs, we need lots and lots more though!

Check back for updates on how many shoes we are able to purchase, and please spread this around, I bet through Facebook and Twitter we can find many people who would be thrilled to buy a kid in Ethiopia a pair of new shoes!



UPDATE: Thanks Bryan for the reminder about the address for people who want to mail a check!   Its:

Bring Love In

PO Box 162702

Sacramento, CA, USA  95816