Christy Shannon our dear friend here in Ethiopia who knows far more Amharic than Jessie and I do wrote me a message late last night after reading the post about little Setota.  She said, “I am pretty sure that Setota means Gift, but you should check to make sure”  I quickly grabbed my phone and called Yabi who was driving home from the hospital where he had been visiting with Setota.

“I forgot to ask what her name means!”  I said excitedly.

“It means, God gave us a gift, or Gift from above” He replied. “She was given that name before we event got her, and it is perfect!” He said.  I nearly dropped the phone.

All of this has been so overwhelming, so completely God, so wonderfully beautiful, I am just in awe of Him today.

This morning I went over to the hospital with Ruth and Everly our two youngest girls, Jessie and the other two are out of town helping with a team in the South, so it was just the three of us (and Yabi).   We walked in the room….. And I am not even going to find words here without crying.  She is perfect, so completely perfect.  I really am not going to be able to get through this here, the emotions that I felt, after all that we have fought to get here, and for the first time, meeting that first little girl who would be moving into our first forever family.

I am going to stop, and let the pictures tell the rest of the story here.

This is Setota and her new mother Beletu.  And these next three pictures sum up how she feels about all the visitors.

The doctors tell us that she will be able to be released out of the hospital in the next few days, she has been in for 26 days so far, and by the looks of her chart she was barely hanging on for those first weeks.  She lost nearly three pounds after getting there, and the doctors say all that weight was made up in worms that were living inside her intestines.  This past week she has been gaining weight again and is on the home stretch.  She truly is a gift from heaven, and we are blessed to be able to step in and give her the family that she deserves.  Beletu was beaming with pride today, and has not left Setota’s bedside since the moment we got the call.

Thank you all for your prayers!