Tomorrow its go time…  And I am pretty sure I have not been more excited in quite a while. There is just something about going through the last of the things that we put in storage the first time we left for Ethiopia more than two years ago and cleaning it out that just makes me happy.  Its like we are finally making the move and jumping into His arms like he has been asking all along, breaking the straps on the safety lines and just trusting.   It feels right.

Tomorrow we get a U-haul and me and the two older kids are going to load until we drop, the next day is Garage Sale Day!!!

I will be sure to be posting pictures here and on Facebook of the garage sale, and if you happen to be in the Sacramento area and want to stop by with some stuff for us to sell, or want to take a look at all the things we are selling….


We will be at 2557 41 ST Street in Sacramento.   Right near the UC Davis Medical Center.

We start at 7 AM on Saturday and go until its all gone.