Hi there, this is Jessie writing today because I wanted to share something fun with you all, it is something that I am personally very excited about and I think you will really enjoy as well.

A while back I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Mary Ostyn’s new book Forever Mom: What to Expect When Your Adopting.

Forever Mom

This is a wonderful book and so very helpful. If you have adopted, are thinking about adopting or know someone who has adopted I highly suggest you read this book.  The clarity of insight and wisdom that Mary shares in Forever Mom on the topic of adoption is rare, and should not be missed.

Mary has so much experience and she does a great job sharing some of the ups and downs of adopting. She has adopted very young babies and children that are older. She has also spent so much time researching and talking to other adoptive parents to learn more. The advice she gives is incredibly practical and wise. There are things brought to light that maybe you haven’t thought of before or maybe you will be comforted knowing you are not the only one going through these hard times. Mary helps us learn how to love our children well and how to support our friends who are going through the process. I can’t say enough good things about this book.

So the fun thing I mentioned is that we were given a book to give away and I thought it would be fun to have you all leave a comment with your craziest thing you have done as a parent. Then we will draw a name randomly and send the winner a copy of Forever Mom: What to Expect When Your Adopting. As a special bonus, we will also be drawing a second name and sending that person one of the new 2015 Bring Love In calendars.

I will share my story first here to help get those creative juices flowing.

When my first born was about 16 months old we took him on a trip to Paris. It was a lovely trip where we spent our days walking, stopping at parks to play, and eating crepes. Then we decided to take the fast train to London. That is where the excitement really started. We didn’t want to haul a bunch of diapers with us so we thought, ” we have enough for the train ride and when we get to London we will buy more”. Sounded like a great plan to us. Well about halfway through the trip we were out of diapers. Now we are on a very fast moving train and no where to buy diapers. So we went into the bathroom and somehow made a diaper out of paper towels and a plastic bag. Praying he would wait and not actually try out this “diaper ” we had made. In the end we made it all in one piece and quickly bought a package of diapers and learned our lesson that you should never underestimate how many diapers you need, especially when boarding a train.

Now it’s your turn. Share your craziest story as a parent or with a child and you will be entered to win Mary Ostyn’s book Forever Mom: What to Expect When Your Adopting or one of the new 2015 Bring Love In calendars.  This should be interesting to read all of the fun stories!
You have until Friday, October 31st to submit your crazy story and get a chance to win.

Anyone who pre-orders before October 28th is eligible for a free e-book called, “50 Things Every Adoptive Parent Should Know” To get the freebie, you just need to send proof of purchase toFoeverMomBook@gmail.com