After a long, and when I say long, I mean… Well, you get the point.  Anyhow, what I am trying to say is that we finally have our pictures and info ready to share with you for (most) of our 100 new sponsor families.  I am not sure if you have thought about this before, but when you work with communities like the ones that we are helping out where they are barely scraping by financially, 90% of them don’t have phones, and when you go to find where they live they don’t have addresses, and often are moving around from place to place.   Anyhow, this is the reason we are here to help to bring love, and a little bit of hope (and maybe some stability) into their lives.  So the last thing you are going to hear from us is complaining, we love this work, and are thankful to be helping so many in need.  When it comes to timing however, we have had t0 ask for a ton and a half of patience from our sponsors, many of who signed up nearly two months ago, and just today are starting to get information about their new sponsor family.  There are still a number of the 100 new families who have not been tracked down for their sponsorship orientation, and for those who are sponsoring that group it will be a bit longer, but most of you will be getting an email from us today or tomorrow!

Thanks again for everyone who signed up to sponsor!    Before I go, I had to share this with you, this is Tigist and her daughter Edalawit, they are one of our new sponsor families who are being helped through the Keep One Home Sponsorship program.