Ok, so its March right?  Yeah. I just checked, its March, which means it is a full 5 months after we first raised money to buy a bus.   And finally, after more broken clutches, missing turbo chargers, nasty seats, broken doors and all sorts of other shenanigans that you can imagine on a bus search later.. We finally decided to just go for it and order a new bus from Tata in India, the price is a bit more but we realized that we are still spending so much on renting a bus that its just better to stop this madness and go for it!   So YAY!  Exciting times around here at Bring Love In.   Check out the brochure here.


File Mar 26, 3 53 27 PM

Pretty sweet right?   Yeah, we thought so too.  Problem is, this is just a brochure, the real thing won’t arrive until June.   Oh boy… More waiting.

Stay tuned, to Bring Love In, we promise to deliver all the waiting you can handle on the edge of your seat, straight from Ethiopia!   (And they say sarcasm does not work over blogs, I think I have got it down today!)


Really though, despite this taking forever and a day we are super excited to be one step closer to getting our kids in a new safe bus soon.   We promise to post the loudest video from inside the bus on the way to school in the morning as soon as we can.


Thanks again to everyone who made this real!