Last night Jessie and I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, well really we watched the last half of it, the night before we tried to watch it but both of us feel asleep and then somehow (although I was too tired to remember it) we turned it off.  Towards the end of the movie there is this scene where the three main characters are running away from the bad guys through a forest, the bad guys have tanks and machine guns and every other sort of gun you can imagine. Visually the scene is stunning, they do this thing where they slow down the film and you can see bullets splitting through trees, and splinters of wood and dirt from explosives are slowly raining down all around. Trees are getting ripped in half and are slowly falling to the ground. One the one hand it was incredible to watch, but there was a part of this chaos that felt all to real, almost felt as if someone had gone through all the trouble to make a scene in a movie depicting the exact season that we are in in our lives.

You know the one, where everything that you have worked towards is on the line, your heart has been pulled out and is on the table.


And everything in you wants to cover up and go somewhere safe.  But instead, you have to keep running, you have to get through to the other side of this forest, you have to dodge the bullets, and trees, and bombs that are flying past you on all sides. You are already to far in to turn back, and the goals you are fighting for are more important than any limbs you might loose along the way.

This morning as I try to wake up here, dreams of this horrid scene are still reeling through my brain, and I can’t seem to shake them.  Today is (or might be) the big day we have been waiting for, the bullets are flying, and trees are falling, but the end of the forest is in sight, safety is just beyond the next row of trees.

Please pray with us for these children who don’t even know yet that their lives are about to change, pray for the transition that they are about to go through, and for all the mothers who are going to be giving more than is humanly possible to these children who are to become their own.

Pray that this is really the end of the forest.   The last row of trees.