First before I get all sentimental in my post here I want to give you a brief update on where things are at with the project license.

We finally got our proposal jumped up from the clerk who was handling it to the director. This is a good thing because the director is a very reasonable woman who is excited about the project and understands what it is that we are trying to do.  We are finding that all of the struggles we have been facing are tied directly to the fact that this type of project is not something that they are familiar with.  They just don’t have a point of reference to use when it comes to this model of orphan care.  And so when they read our proposal they immediately jump to the conclusion that we are proposing “institutional” style orphan care, when we are actually doing nothing of the sort!

The news today that we are getting from the director is that she is going to be out of town until tomorrow at which time she is going to write the new and modified approval letter stating that they do in fact understand that this is not an institution style orphanage project and that they do support our creating new families here in country.  Then, we will take that final approval letter back once again to the licensing office and from what we have been told… we are going to be picking up the license.

Please continue to pray with us for the process, pray with us for the government officials who handle our paperwork, pray for blessing and understanding and above all favor!

Thanks so much for sticking with us all this time, we never thought things would take this long but looking at the journey of these past months and seeing God still soaking it all in love, and how we are still standing when we thought we would not have the strength, all we can do is thank Him for His timing, His provision, His direction. Yes we would have loved for this to be finished a long time ago, but His ways are not ours and we choose to thank Him still.

Now, let me get a little sappy here.

I am not normally much for looking back around new years, I would much rather look ahead and see what is coming.  But today, being only a few days from the end of the year, I find myself doing just that, gazing backwards at this incredible year and thanking God for his love despite our failures and missteps.  The journey on this earth is so rarely what we think it should be, never what we planned, and so often exactly the opposite of what we want, yet God is God still, and we are learning to love Him for that.

Carrien a good friend of ours has a subtitle on her blog that I think says it best.

“Just now figuring out that joy and suffering are all tangled up together and to avoid one is to miss out on the other. Trying to grab hold of joy where ever it is found and hold on tight.”

I am going to save you of the lengthy details, but suffice it to say that this year has been a roller coaster like no other, and despite deep-deep valleys that we needed to trudge through. And despite what it may have felt like at the bottom of the canyon; looking back we can see that God never once left-not for a moment.

I think the one thing that I have learned in this year more than anything else is how God uses people on this earth despite our inability, not because of our ability.

I know, it’s an overused verse, but stop and think about it as you get ready to embark on a new year.

Acts 17:28

In him we live and move and have our being.


Here is to a wonderful new year, one that only something as epic as last year could have prepared you for.