(Enguday pictured on the left) 

At Bring Love In, we believe that there is hope for every future. We aim to encourage and aid our children in every way possible to be able to achieve a full and successful future.

We are so thrilled to announce that two of our girls are going to college! Both have been in Bring Love In for several years now, and we are incredibly excited that they are able to attend college and further their education to one day go out into the world, prepared and equipped with everything that they need.

In light of the new season of life Enguday and Meklit go into, we asked them to write out in their own words their story, how they came to Bring Love In, and how it has impacted their lives.

This is Enguday’s story.

(Enguday pictured above)

“Hi, my name is Enguday Wimichael. I am a Christian. I am 19 years old. I have two sisters: Sebie and Tisnon. I was the oldest in our family.

When my story began, I was born in Addis Ababa in Zewdity Hospital. My mother’s name is Tigist Adisu. She was a very responsible woman because when she became pregnant, my father left her and the entire burden was carried by her to care for my siblings and me. I grew up without a father. After 5 my sister Sebie was born and 5 years after that, Tisnon was born both from my step-father. Now I have two beautiful sisters. During this season of my life, I was around 11 years old and very happy.

Then, when my mother died, my grandmother took us into her home and we spent some time with her. Because she was not able to adopt us, we were entered into the Kechene Orphanage. My sisters and me lived there for two years. There was room for us because we lived in a mass together.

There is hardly any person who could easily understand or approach what I have gone through. At that point in my life, it seemed life was very impossible.

After two years, we were transferred into Bring Love In. There we were given a home to to live in, we were given shelter and food as well as friends and educational support. We had a new family with new brothers and sisters!

When I compare Kechene Orpanage to Bring Love In, I see a vast amount of differences.

The first one is: they encourage me to socialize with other people and to have community.

Secondly, they want to achieve our educational status and encourage us in our academic endeavors.

Thirdly, they made harmonious family life within our home.

And finally, they have prepared us a good and responsible person to take care of us.
After all of my story, I would like to thank my dear God, because He walked with me in every chapter of my life and I saw His mercy and love in my life.
I would also like to thank Bring Love In staff and administrative offices.

God Bless You!”