I know that this is always a touchy subject. Maybe not so much for you, but it is for me, I hate asking for money. But I also know that many of you have a decision to make at the end of every year, either you give money to the IRS or you help someone in need.  And so with a knot in my throat, I am going to write this today, and let you know some of the areas of need that we could use some help in.



We are hoping to be able to raise money to put in a library for the kids to come and visit and borrow books from.  Since day one our goal has been to raise up strong future leaders for this country, and as you know, to be a good leader you must first have a good education to stand on.  And I think we would all agree that the key to a successful education starts with the love of reading.


So today we come to you with a request to help us get a library open for our kids to be able to access.  We need money for shelves, books, and some decorations to make the place feel like somewhere you want to spend lots of time.  We already have two computers that we installed in the library this past week, we just need a few more things to make it all happen.

UPDATE:  Praise God!  We just now passed our goal of $1500 to put the library together!  Thank you to everyone who gave towards this need!  We will be posting pictures soon!


 School Bus 

This one was not in the plans, actually we never thought that we would have this many school age kids this quickly, so when we thought about school we figured maybe half of our kids would be attending this year.  Yet, as you know, of our 45 kids 44 are school age!  We find ourselves renting a great big school bus each day to get them all too and from school.


It is costing us just over $600 per month!


As you can imagine, the business side of me is freaking out each time we write this check, and so we are praying that we are able to buy a bus one day soon.


The total we would need to buy a 1995 school bus (give or take a few years) is $25,000.   Click here to give

UPDATE: I just looked and we have $1200 that has been given so far towards this need!

Getting the seven forever family houses all working properly

One of the most common calls we get at the office is from our mothers telling us that their sink is leaking, or the electricity is messed up.  It was happening so often that we finally started to realize that something major needed to be done. The time has come for a complete maintenance overhaul.  And so we have been praying that we would be able to find someone who could help with this. (and for the money to pay for it)

Then, (you can already guess where I am going next) Eddie shows up.  This guy is a contractor from America who is here in Ethiopia for several months while his wife is working at the university.  He is a solid Christian who has a heart to serve, and came to me saying “put me to work”.

Um.. Yes please!

So Eddie took a few days and looked at all the houses, he compiled a list of all the things that needed to be done, and went out to find out how much it would cost for all the supplies. He then sits me down at a cafe and says “For $2100 I can fix everything on this list” I look down and see two pages of typed items, everything from pipes in the bathrooms to paint in the kitchens and plugs in the bedrooms. Literally everything that is broken is going to get fixed!  I gave him a small deposit and he is already working his tail off from morning to night every day.  I want to hug him every time I see him working!

If you want to help us get all of our houses fixed and working properly we need $2100 for this need.

UPDATE:Wow! We just had met our goal for this need to be fully taken care of!  Thank you so much to everyone who gave towards fixing up the houses!

Thank you!