Jon's BLI 142As 2015 draws its final breaths we can’t help but take a moment and look back at the wonderful things that God has done at Bring Love In.   We’ve watched as many of our kids grow into young adults, helped them through the pains of growing up, and watched incredible feats of will as all of our kids dove in with their schooling to try and master new concepts.   I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy it brings us to watch things stabilized, operating smoothly and peaceful across the organization.   Our staff are incredible, each one of them takes on their jobs with joy in their hearts, and then there are our moms, oh boy!  They do the hardest most committed work of all, and we love them for it!  All you need to do is see the pure whole-hearted smile on one of our kids faces to know just how wonderful these moms are.     We are thankful for a great year, and excited about what next year has in store for Bring Love In!


Looking on towards next year we wanted to take a moment to share with you a few important needs that we have right now.  All donations to Bring Love In are tax deductible and applicable in the year they were given, so if you complete an online donation before the end of the year it will apply for your 2015 deductions.


  1. School Uniforms for our kids.  Each uniform costs $20 USD and we have 57 children who each need two uniforms so the total needed is $2,280 USD
  1. Yearly salary for our staff nurse. Rahael is the best!  She cares for each of the kids in our forever families as well as the nearly 400 children who we sponsor in our keep one home families.   The total yearly cost for our nurse and medical supplies is $5,200 USD
  1. School lunches. As you probably can guess, each of our kids needs to eat lunch every day, and that means every morning each of our mothers wakes up early each morning to make their meals to send with them.  The total cost for each meal averages out to $1.25 per meal, meaning for each home with 6 kids it costs us $187 USD per month to provide school meals.  We have 9 homes, so this one really adds up!   The total yearly budget for school lunches alone comes to $20,196 USD.
  1. Repair and maintenance for our Forever Family homes. As you can imagine with a house full of kids the list of things that need to be fixed around our houses start piling up quickly.  We estimate that each of our 9 homes needs around $200 worth of repairs to plumbing, furniture, painting and other random items that need to be fixed around the houses.
  1. After school tutoring. One of the most important aspects of our program is the tutoring and afterschool topic specific classes that we provide for our children.  We knew early on that schooling was something that was very important to help with our goal of raising future leaders for Ethiopia.  We want each of our kids to go out in to life prepared, and with a complete and whole education, and so we created a whole program with 7 full time tutors who work with our children to give them the assistance they need to excel in school.    The cost for each child for a year of tutoring lessons is $225 USD.



Click here if you would like to make a donation towards any of these needs.  Please  be sure to add a note on the donate form letting us know how you would like your funds to be applied.

Thank you!   We could do none of this without your support.


Levi and Jessie Benkert