Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and prayers. Ethiopian New Year was September 11, and we had a cultural dinner to raise awareness of Elevate Orphan! Our goal was to inform others about God’s great work in our ministry in Ethiopia with orphans and widows. If you would like to view the event, there will be a link attached below.This is great opportunity to learn more about the Elevate Orphan! Also, the high school graduates have their university testing this month. They have been working hard to study and prepare! Join us in prayer for these requests!

Elevate Orphan continues to bring change to the lives in Ethiopia and has also impacted all of us who got to visit the ministry! I have included a message from Katie who recently just volunteered on our trip.

“I fell in love with these kids! God challenged and stretched me on this trip. The Spirit gave me the patience and remembrance of the mission that grounded me in chaotic moments. The Lord opened my eyes to change my perspective about everyday blessings I often take for granted. My soul was so deeply encouraged by the work the Lord is doing literally all over the globe through his Church and His people. One Gospel, one Family. The unity we have within the body– made of many very different and unique parts– is a powerful force. Our dynamic team accomplished more when our giftings were linked up in arms for the Kingdom. I learned from the staff there, from conversations on bus rides, from the personal ways the Lord challenged and pushed me on this trip, and through each child, I encountered with the love of Christ. It was incredibly stretching and at times, uncomfortable to the flesh, but the Spirit was strengthened and sanctified nevertheless! The Lord was glorified through our efforts, I know. Not because of what we did but because of what He did with the little we gave. We gave him our small jars of oil, and He multiplied it in ways I’m sure we will only ever know in eternity because that’s just what He does. I fell in love with these people, I fell in love with Ethiopia, and I fell in love with the Family I traveled with, served with, and grew with for those seven days. It is a time and people I will not soon forget.”

With Gratitude,

Amelia Vaughn
Elevate Orphan