One of the things that we are learning (among many things, as I am sure you can assume) with the 45 children in our project is that they are all very far behind on their schooling.  Many of them did not attend school prior to their time at the government orphanage, and the school they were most recently attending was, well lets just say it was not the most academically focused.  Now however we have them in a school that is pushing them beyond their limits, something we believe is important as part of what we provide for our kids.

And so now we are surveying the task of getting them up to speed, all of them.  We have already hired two full time tutors to help with homework and mastering the concepts they are being taught in school, but we feel that we need three more so that each child is able to receive the attention it will take for them to get ahead, and we are realizing that we need to give each of them access to a computer in their homes as well.  Many of the older children are being given assignments that require a computer, not to mention the benefit of having access to Rosetta Stone for English.

Yes, I can already see where your mind is going as you read these words, mine is there too… This responsibility is huge!   When you think of your own kids (if you are a parent), how when one of them gets behind in a subject you feel like you would move heaven and earth to help them… then you times that by 45.  Yeah, it’s that big.

It’s good though!  We love loving on them, and providing them with the start they deserve, it is a large weight of responsibility, yes, yet inspiring when you think of the multiplication effect of this many kids being well educated, and ready to take on roles as future leaders in this country.

But we can’t do this without you, and today we have a special request for you to help us with these kids education. We want to hire 3 new teachers for one next year, and buy nine computers with the educational software to go with them. (One for each house, and two for the library that we are setting up in the Intake Center.

Will you help us?

Here is what it is going to take to make this happen.


  • $180 per month for each teacher
  • $750 for each computer loaded with educational software


Can we do this?  Will you help us get these kids up to speed on their education.

We often speak of our main goal-the heart of what we do, as raising up future leaders, yes it is great to see our children being placed in families instead of the orphanage that they once lived in, but to what end if we are not preparing them to change their culture, to lead in a place desperate for solid, well-educated Christian leaders?

Click here if you would like to give to help reach this goal.


Lastly, I have just one quick story for you before I go.

A short time ago we received a call from a couple in Missouri whom we had never met before, we had no connection to them other than the fact that they had heard about Bring Love In from something that a friend of theirs had posted on Facebook. This couple ended up giving the largest single donation we have ever had in our ministry, their giving helped seed a financial foundation account for Bring Love In that is helping to secure that no matter what happens we will be able to continue supporting these kids. Something that we and our board of directors have been praying would come together since the project began.  We still would like to have more in that account, right now it is only enough to sustain two months of our operating budget, but it is a wonderful start, and we are blessed to be able to share this wonderful news with you.

But there is another point I am making here as well, and that is this. The next time you wonder if your voice means anything, consider the girl who posted on her Facebook timeline about Bring Love In, and the way that God moved through something so simple.  (I feel like I should add a witty comment here about how God even uses Facebook, but I can’t come up with anything good, so I am just going to leave the comedic irony alone on this one)

Be sure to come back and watch how God makes this come together!  I will be posting updates on here as funds come in.


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