I have all these posts that I want to write swirling around in my head, but we are just too focused on these last steps here for there to be any real writing going on.

And so today I am just going to simply give you the update on how things are going, and tell you a bit of wonderful news that we received today as well.

Today two social workers from the government office were charged with the responsibility of choosing which children are going to be moved into our new forever families.  As we have told you before, we are setting up permanent families, and so deciding which children will come into our care is of the utmost importance. Today these two social workers are busily going through hundreds of children’s files and making the complicated decisions of which children are ready to be permanently placed in our homes.   We are thankful for the work they are doing, and praying that they have wisdom in their choices.

But, there is some other news here as well….  News that still seems almost unreal to me as I sit here and type these words.

We found out today that the committee who charged these two social workers with assigning children to us, has asked that they choose 45 children who will be ready to come into our care.

Yes, you read that right, not ten, not twenty like we were told last week, but forty five.


What we were told today is that forty five children will be selected, and paperwork will be filed for them, and then once we are ready with the homes we will be able to take them into their new families.

Lastly, we were told that these forty five files will be finished by the end of the day today, and then filed in the head office tomorrow morning, at which time we can pick up as many of these children as we are prepared to take. (Although we are still mentally preparing for a  routine delay (or two) to come up between now and then)

Right now we are ready to take in twenty of these kids, but as you can imagine, the pressure is on for us to set up more homes as quickly as we can find reliable, faithful mothers, to head them up, and sponsors to pay for them.

For now we have five homes sponsored, two of them are opened (and waiting for kids) and three more will be opened in the coming weeks.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  This all seems so unreal, we are still trying to process what this all means. It feels silly almost the way that the number keeps growing, but in reality we knew this going in, there is an enormous amount of need in this place, and we will always do what we can to give families to as many orphans as possible.