This here, this post that I am about to write, this is one of my favorite things I get to do as a husband.  I get to brag on my wife.

This girl the one that I married 15 years ago, the one who is beautiful and smart and gets me like no one else does.  That girl.   (The same girl who is going to be so mad at me for writing like her about this!)

Yeah that one.

She is working on something that I am really proud to tell you about.

Before I say this though, I have to tell you about Jessie.   You see she is all those things I said just a moment ago, but one of the things that she is not is the kind of person who is loud and self promoting, it is just not in her nature to talk about herself, or to dance around, she thinks, she watches and listens, and she sees things from a completely different angle, and then when she does speak her mind everyone else in the room is thrown sideways because they didn’t even begin to think about it that way before.  She is brilliant and her version of the world, that is exactly where I want to live life.  The word creative does not even begin to describe her.   Jessie is the kind of person who has this great big heart, but the last thing she wants is the attention that goes with helping someone, so she does it in the quiet, off to the side when no one is looking.  She is a friend to the end to a few very lucky people.   And that is why I (and the few people who know her well) are super excited about this here announcement.

Ok, so building… Building.    Ready for it?

After moving to America one of the things that seemed to be a recurring theme for Jessie was friends who had adopted from Ethiopia were coming to her asking about Ethiopian culture.  People were calling with questions like.  “Why does my daughter speak in a low whisper when she is speaking to me about something important”   Or “What can I do to understand what my son needs when he shuts down and won’t talk to me”

And so Jessie, the quiet, smart as all heck girl who normally stays off to the sidelines finally reached a point where she said. “Levi, I think that God has put me in this place, and that I have something to offer, so I am going to push down all the butterflies in my stomach, and I am going to do what I can to help”

This is the part where I as the proud husband get to say.  “Go girl!”

Jessie is launching for a very small group of very lucky people, a retreat, or as she calls it “A time to getaway from life and learn about the beautiful country where your adopted child is from”

Pretty neat right?

Go check it out here, and sign up!   She is keeping the space very limited, so its not going to be long before all of the spaces are filled.