I am not even really how to say this here… I can’t seem to find words.

Today, despite feeling at first just like any other ordinary day, turned out the be the most incredible day that we have been waiting months for!


The Ethiopian government has fully approved Bring Love In to operate here in Ethiopia and to create new families from widows and orphans.

Can you believe it!  The wait is over, we are actually ready to go!!!

Praise God!  He is so very faithful and we cannot wait to see the incredible things that He will do through these new families for this country.

Now of course that means tons to do over here, we will do our best to keep you posted, even if it is just the littlest updates at the end of each day telling you what has been happening.

In the mean time… Share and Like this post, tell the world that God is about to do amazing things in Ethiopia, and that Bring Love In is fully and completely finished with the licensing process that felt for a while there like it was going to take a lifetime!

Then, get up off your seat and do a little dance with us. Because we are getting down over here!