This is hard to write.   Not like hard because its some crazy news about something going wrong, although I have had to do that before many times in my life.  This here that I have to write is hard because it hurts, hits a raw nerve, makes me squirm in my seat, and makes all to clear the need for God that we have.

I know, when we talk in church about our “need for God” it is almost always a good thing, like the worship songs where we praise him for all that he has done for us, and admit our need…

But when you get here.  To this place where you see the path ahead and there is no physically possible way you on your own can navigate it.   And you find yourself on your knees, crying out to God, your voice trembling with desire for a miracle, then you understand that need we all have for God, its all too real.  And it hurts.

And so I will gulp, try to swallow that lump in my throat down, and say what is on my heart.

Bring Love In is in a tough spot financially, and we want to ask you to pray with us for a miracle.

Let me lay it out as simply as I can.

  • Our total monthly cost to care for our 57 kids in our forever families, provide sponsorships for our 150 families in the community, and to pay the rent, overhead, and salaries for all of our 39 staff comes to $24,000 per month, (only a 5% increase over our 2014 budget).
  • Committed monthly income however is down to $16,500 per month, down $4000 from 12 months ago.  The remainder has been made up from one time donations, which are now down more than 60% from where they were a year ago

I wish we could say exactly what has happened to push our income numbers down, but its really just a whole bunch of things that have been happening for a long time that are finally starting to hit the bottom line in a way that has us reaching out to God for help.  Donors who have lost jobs or seen income go down, credit cards that have expired and donors haven’t renewed their sponsorships, churches who moved on to other ministries that they are supporting and our host country of Ethiopia that once had a lot of attention when international adoptions were at their peak, is now seeing many less visitors come through, and the overall awareness of what is happening here with the orphan crisis has dropped dramatically.


To help visualize what I am trying to explain, I want to show you a picture that makes my heart skip a beat because it shows just what this feels like.

I know that many of you have been here, standing in a place in your life where you see the path stops in front of you, and you see the ground so far below, you know what it feels like to cry out to God for help, and then to watch as he carries you across the place you cannot get over on your own.   We have seen it too!   But for some reason, every time we get back to this place it feels the same.   Hard!   Complicated!

This faith stuff is not easy!

Today we want to ask you to pray with us, to cry out to God on your knees with us, to give this need to him where it belongs.

Today we are choosing to look up to him, to keep our eyes off of the ground so far below, because letting these kids down is simply not an option!  Over our dead bodies will we allow anything to happen to them.   Not not, not ever!

We feel it deep in our bones that today is a time for faith and we are choosing to trust in God for the full amount to be covered. We are praying that he will bring in all of the commitments needed to cover these costs.

Are you with us?!

There was a time when we cried out for these kids to come to us, prayed for a miracle to free them from the orphanage and place them in our families, in our care, today we are praying for the resources to keep them here, for the provision from heaven to fulfill the promise we made to these kids!

I don’t want to put a timeline on this, or do anything superficial here.  There is no method or pattern that will make this happen, it is God, always God, never us, never a strategy or a human plan that will do anything here.   And so we come to you simply asking that you pray with us for a miracle!

God Come!

Levi and Jessie