Our mamas are incredible, each of them does a heck of a job taking care of their 6 (and some of them 7) kiddos, but one thing that we have come to realize is that they are not quite as well equipped as they could be in the cooking department. We tried to do our best when we set up the houses, but we seem to have underestimated just how much they would be cooking, and we are finding that the local electric stovetops that we put in each house are all just about in pieces. Literally out of the seven houses we have not one of them has not had their stove in the shop for one reason or another, and some of them have been broken three different times! The trouble is that it is just getting worse as each day goes on. And so today we decided that we are going to put this need out there and see if we can get some support raised to help put a real (imported) western style oven in each home. We took a look at the local shops and we can get durable metal stoves with an oven so they can make their own bread for $255 each (with tax).

What do you think? Can we gather together and help make these mothers job a bit easier today? They deserve it!

Click here to make a donation towards this need, be sure to put “New Stove Fund” in the memo line so we know where to put your money.

UPDATE: We made it!!! Thank you so much to everyone who gave to help out. We get to go shopping next week!!

Thank you so very much!