November Newsletter

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Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

You all have been great supporters of our organization through finances, prayer, and encouragement! The support you provide helps make our mission successful to love and support the widows and orphans of Ethiopia.
We are thankful for you!



Giving Tuesday November 29th
We are hosting an online giving fundraiser to meet our end of the year fundraising goal. Any amount you can give will help us get there! For this event we will be highlighting the recent graduates. We are hoping to raise additional funds to support them moving into this next phase of life. Elevate Orphan continues to support the children throughout their attendance at a University. The students will continue to come home during the summers and receive any additional support if needed!

Silent Auction December 3rd- 11th
We have some very exciting items and adventures to bid on! This will be a two week event with plenty of time to participate and bid on the items you are interested in. All of the money made at the event will go directly towards supporting Elevate Orphan!


Thomas has done a great job of managing in Ethiopia! He knows and loves each child. Below he has given us an update on the the 6 high school graduates. We are still waiting for the test results, but hope to have an update soon. You can see the six pictured here and learn more about their stories.


Meet the Graduates

Haimanot Moges has been with Elevate Orphan since the commencement of the orphanage 11 years ago. She wants to study Marketing Management at the university. She is going to turn 20 this year. Himanot Moges is a passionate young girl who is preparing to join university. Even though she has passed through different traumatic events during her childhood, she changed the situation for the better. She is resilient and become the owner of a built- up self-esteem. She accepts her past and chose to walk forward. ‘’I am passionate about experiencing new environment other than my village/city”

Elsabeth Alemayheu has been with Elevate Orphan for 11 years. She wants to pursue her Psychology Degree from university. She will be 20 years old this year. Elsabeth Alemayehu is a God loving young girl. Though she has enough reason to have a distorted image about herself, God and to this world, she chose to remain happy relying on God. She chose to rejoice in the lord. As a result, she is mentioned among her age met as a counselor and advisor. She loves to read her bible and attend spiritual gatherings.
‘’I am passionate about meeting new friends from different cultures and background and joining the evangelical student fellowship programs.”

Haimanot Tesfaye is a 21 years old girl, she has been with Elevate since beginning of the organization. She wants to study the field of Economics in the university. Haimanot is a confident young girl who she has a great self and world view. She show maturity in her day today life. She is focused in her vision and work hard towards achieving her goals.
“I am passionate about peruse my dream of field, I am excited to explore different experiences, meet different people from different background. I am also expecting to meet new friends and join student fellowship in the university.”

Yedidya Moges is a 20 years old girl, she has been with us for the last 11 years. She wants to study the field of Dental Medicine.Yedidya is an energetic young girl who worked hard towards her dream. Though, she has been passing through different hardship since her childhood, it doesn’t hinder her to be an excellent in her academics and other aspect of her life.  She is focused towards her dream.
“I am passionate about peruse my dream of field, I want to see other city different from my city and explore different experiences, I want to grow and serve others spiritually by engaging in the student fellowship.”

Tigist Getachew is a 19 years old girl, she has been with Elevate Orphan since the beginning of the organization. She wants to study the field of Architecture in the university. Tigist is a humble girl who has teachable heart. She is responsible for herself and her Youngers. She I s an artist who love painting and paint beautiful pictures.
“I am passionate about peruse my dream of field, I am excited to meet new friends from different cultural and religious background. I also expect to grow in knowledge, understanding and become more aware of the new environment. I want to meet new friends and grow spiritually by join student fellowship in the university.”

Eyosiyas Mina 18 years old but who looks like he is much older. Eyosias is determined to face life at its fullest and take lesson from his childhood to rise again and shine. By saying “the greatest glory in living not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”. Eyosias is devoted to computer science and striving hard to be self-sufficient and eagerly looking for making a difference in tech world. He wants to be a rich man who contributes back to the societal problems.
“I am graduated from high school this month. Joined bring love in from governmental children transition center eight years ago when I am grade 5 student, and since then I enjoying living here with my Elevate Orphan families.As I am Computer enthusiastic since my early grades, looking forward to study software engineering. And I am also interested to study Business beside software engineering to equip myself for managing my future tech company.”


With Gratitude,

Amelia Vaughn
Elevate Orphan

October Newsletter


Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

I pray you are all doing well in The LORD.
Praise to The LORD who is the Only One Who is Worthy! His Graciousness, Mercy, Goodness, and LOVE are Immeasurable! He is Invincible in Battle! Hallelujah! I write with great joy to share our happiness over the news. One of our first University graduates, Meklit, accepted a fantastic job offer as a chemical engineer in Ethiopia! As you may recall from our previous updates this summer, Meklit and Unguday graduated this past summer from universities in Ethiopia with chemical and civil engineering degrees. They represent a fulfillment of a vision that The LORD gave Levi and Thomas for Elevate Orphan when the founded the ministry 10 years ago: to love the orphan and the widow with the same love we would share with our own children…educating them at private schools, giving them homes and a loving family.
As a result of the obedience to the call of The KING, The LORD has blessed this ministry uniquely. He has taken these children who were abandoned and blessed them with a tremendous faith and success in their endeavors to The Glory of His Name. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! We anticipate that Unguday, Meklit’s sister who graduated with a civil engineering degree this summer, will obtain a job offer now that the rainy season in Ethiopia is ending and construction will likely resume.Please pray for God’s blessing on her job search.
This month is also a busy month for our rising seniors in high school. They have just taken their qualifying exams earlier this month. The system in Ethiopia is similar to many in Europe. The students in high school take an exam in the 11 th grade and, if they score well, they will be given a position in one of the universities, and their tuition is funded by the Government. The specific university and major options for each student in Ethiopia is dictated by their scores on the qualifying exam. So, please pray for The LORD’s blessing on their results. Based on the students’ current performance in high school, we anticipate that we will likely have 40+ children matriculate into university from Elevate Orphan in the next 3-4 Years!! Praise The LORD!
Finally, we ask that you pray for the civil war in Ethiopia. As with all wars, many are suffering and have died. The Western media coverage is misleading, confusing and biased against the Central Government (visiting Ethiopia and watching the news is a surreal experience). In any case, pray that the war will end quickly. May The LORD’s Will be done. I want to thank each and every one of you who support us with prayer, financially, and service on mission teams. I truly believe The LORD is working powerfully within this organization for eternal fruit and that we are all being used to impact this world and His Kingdom for His Glory….and I am so grateful.

In His Grip,


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Elevate Orphan September Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and prayers. Ethiopian New Year was September 11, and we had a cultural dinner to raise awareness of Elevate Orphan! Our goal was to inform others about God’s great work in our ministry in Ethiopia with orphans and widows. If you would like to view the event, there will be a link attached below.This is great opportunity to learn more about the Elevate Orphan! Also, the high school graduates have their university testing this month. They have been working hard to study and prepare! Join us in prayer for these requests!

Elevate Orphan continues to bring change to the lives in Ethiopia and has also impacted all of us who got to visit the ministry! I have included a message from Katie who recently just volunteered on our trip.

“I fell in love with these kids! God challenged and stretched me on this trip. The Spirit gave me the patience and remembrance of the mission that grounded me in chaotic moments. The Lord opened my eyes to change my perspective about everyday blessings I often take for granted. My soul was so deeply encouraged by the work the Lord is doing literally all over the globe through his Church and His people. One Gospel, one Family. The unity we have within the body– made of many very different and unique parts– is a powerful force. Our dynamic team accomplished more when our giftings were linked up in arms for the Kingdom. I learned from the staff there, from conversations on bus rides, from the personal ways the Lord challenged and pushed me on this trip, and through each child, I encountered with the love of Christ. It was incredibly stretching and at times, uncomfortable to the flesh, but the Spirit was strengthened and sanctified nevertheless! The Lord was glorified through our efforts, I know. Not because of what we did but because of what He did with the little we gave. We gave him our small jars of oil, and He multiplied it in ways I’m sure we will only ever know in eternity because that’s just what He does. I fell in love with these people, I fell in love with Ethiopia, and I fell in love with the Family I traveled with, served with, and grew with for those seven days. It is a time and people I will not soon forget.”

With Gratitude,

Amelia Vaughn
Elevate Orphan


August Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,
We all arrived safely home from our missions trip to Addis Ababa last Sunday, July 24, and I’m still smiling and rejoicing as I share with family and friends of the excellent fruit we witnessed at Bring Love In For Needy Children in Ethiopia.  I’m praying about what the Lord wants me to share because I could write a book!  My thought is if I were praying and donating to this ministry, I would like insights and confidence that this work is doing what we say it is doing.
For those of you who are newer to Elevate Orphan, we support a ministry in Ethiopia called Bring Love In For Needy Children(BLI).  Thomas, the director, is beloved by all, including all of us who went on the mission trip from July 16-July 24.  Thomas’s steadfast vision is that BLI would get children from government orphanages and place them in rented homes within walking distance of the Learning Center and offices of BLI.  Five to eight former orphans come to live in a house with a believing mother and auntie, widows hired from the local churches and they have a Forever Family.    The children get a private education, homework help after school, counseling from the godly staff, and opportunities afforded to few orphans in Ethiopia.  Thomas’s vision is that these 70 children, under the umbrella of BLI will have “brothers” and “sisters” they can call on throughout their lives!  If someone needs a lawyer, doctor, seamstress, etc., they can call their brother/sister.  Thomas is an excellent role model and has hired a fantastic team to staff this great work!
While over in Addis Ababa, we got to know the children through learning camps.  The children quickly pick up on skills, are kind, and jump into service as they see needs!  Singing worship songs, playing games, going on special outings, cheering at a soccer game for our boys from BLI, visiting their homes, and living six days with them knit our hearts together!  We hope to have some videos soon on our website so you can experience some of our joy at living life together.
The staff believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and display the fruit of the Spirit!  Thomas has a team of believers who love and serve the children, mothers/aunties, and each other!  It was beautiful to witness the three girls home from university greet and hug the counselors, drivers, and other children.  I got to see how this is one big family and community!  The counselors went with us to visit the mothers and aunties in their homes and helped interpret for us.  The hospitality we experienced was such an encouragement to me of what a witness we can be by opening our home.
So many of you prayed for our trip, and I thank you so much!  One wonderful testimony that I will treasure is as I was participating in the camp for crafts/hair/makeup, we thought we’d incorporate some bible encouragement on inner beauty – Proverbs 31:30!  So I pulled up a video from Journey Church made in 2016 with many clips from the children six years younger.  They sang the song “Beautiful Things,” which talks about God using all things in our lives to produce beauty in them! . The Lord used this video as a reminder and touchpoint of how much we, and all of us who pray and give to Elevate Orphan love them.
If your family or church would like more information about the good work funded by Elevate Orphan, I would love to visit in person or on a zoom call and share it with your friends and church family.  You can reach me at

Again we thank you for your partnership in the gospel, and investing in this good work in Addis Ababa!
Lisa Rimback
Administrative Director

July Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,
Greetings! Again we want to thank you for partnering with us as we continue with our mission of loving orphans as our own by raising our children to know Christ first and then go out and change the world!

We have two girls graduating from university this July! Meklit graduated from her university this past Saturday, July 2, with a degree in Chemical Engineering! Enguday will be graduating on July 16 from her university with a degree in Civil Engineering! We invite you to rejoice in the Lord’s goodness and celebrate this incredible accomplishment for these two young ladies! Both Meklit and Enguday were in Grade 5 when the Lord brought them to Elevate Orphan! Seventy children now have a forever family! We rejoice that the Lord is using this ministry to give these former orphans loving families, security, a home, food, education, a church family, and counseling that allows these children to thrive like Meklit and Enguday! We will soon have pictures and news on our upcoming six high school graduates!

We have a team of 19 people preparing to go over to Addis Ababa and visit the children, moms, aunties, and staff at the ministry supported by Elevate Orphan. We are planning to run camps in music, public speaking, learning computer software like PowerPoint and video editing, cooking, doing hair, soccer, English speaking, and a vacation bible school. We are finalizing our plans and purchasing supplies.

We would love for you to join us in praying:
1. For each team member to be healthy and safe travels to, from and in Addis Ababa, July 16-July 24, 2022.
2. One of our team members needs an expedited passport, and we pray that it goes through without any problems.
3. May the Lord use this trip to build up all going and all in Ethiopia!
4. We ask you for prayer coverage that we will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, represent Christ well to all we come in contact with, and be His ambassadors in word and deed this whole trip!
1. We are so thankful for each team member going on this trip and their servant hearts, talents, and skills they are willing to use!
2. Many generous people and churches are supporting and helping fund the team members’ trip!
3. For both our university graduates and six high school graduates!

In His Grip,
Dr. Reuben Gobezie

June Newsletter

Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

We want to thank you for your prayers and generous support! Thank you for loving the children and widows and trusting us to steward the ministry God has assigned us at Elevate Orphan.

This past May was busy for the students finishing school, taking tests, and six of them preparing to graduate from high school! In addition, we have two young ladies preparing to graduate from university. Meklit will be graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, and Enguday is finishing her degree in civil engineering. Please join us in praying for these two young ladies that the Lord will help them through their last classes and direct their steps to where He wants them to take jobs. Also, there was a celebration for Degefa’s birthday as he turned seven years old! A soccer coach came on campus to work with the kids as well!

In May we had training for the mothers and aunties and the staff! The training topics were on skills to communicate with teenagers, parenting, solving problems, stress management, and emotional intelligence. We are so thankful for this time; we pray the moms, aunties, and staff are encouraged and equipped to keep on and not grow weary in doing good!

I’m happy to announce that we have a team of 19 going over to Addis Ababa to visit and serve the children, mothers, aunties, and staff at Elevate Orphan and be mutually encouraged by them! We would love you to join us in prayer for our preparations, good health, servants’ hearts, and safety in our travels. We leave July 16 and get home July 24!

I want to leave you with this last request … pray for these children. Pray for their healing, growth, and eventual understanding and acceptance of Christ’s eternal gift to us. Their salvation is the ultimate goal. So pray fervently and often – God be glorified!

In His Grip,

Dr. Reuben Gobezie
Elevate Orphan