Hey all,

It is Friday, almost 9 am here in Redding California, Jessie and I are at our good friends Mitch and Lanise Sanala’s house getting ready for the event tonight.  The first of many on this whirlwind trip we are on to spread the word about how Bring Love In is creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia.

I sat down this morning to do some catching up on the finances, trying to stay on top of things while we are on the road, away from our home back in Ethiopia.

I noticed something in the books, and I want to put this out there and ask for your help.

As you know from reading over the past weeks, we have two homes set up, and three more already rented and now being furnished.  All five of these homes are sponsored monthly, (Praise God!) but we are still short on funding the fifth home’s startup costs.

One more home for orphans, and all we need is $2900 to set it up.

The total we need is $5000 to set up this house, including prepaying rent for the first year. (I know, that last part about the rent sounds strange to us American’s, but in Ethiopia this is normal practice, and ensures that our rent will not increase and gets us a better rate on the houses.)  What we do is put away money throughout the year for the next years rent payment.

Anyhow, what we want to try and do is raise the additional $2900 to set up this fifth house today.

Money that will go towards getting these kids out of our Intake center and into their new forever family house.

Can we do this?

Will you help spread this around, and work with us to get this last home opened today?

I will come back and update through the day on how much we have raised.

Lets do this!

UPDATE: It is 1:30 and we are already at $825!!!   Thanks everyone, keep sharing this post and we can get there!


UPDATE: It is Saturday morning, at the end of the night we had $1250! Still need $1650 more, but God is good! I am sure it will happen. We are moving forward and opening this house in faith that the funds will come in.


UPDATE:  We made it!! Every last penny came in at 4:00PM today!  Praise God!  And thank you so much to everyone who gave, in the end over 20 people worked together to make this happen!

If you want to make a donation towards opening this house click here.